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Wu Ren Mooncake


A traditional Chinese dessert, the wu ren mooncake is popular with the elderly and vegetarians. This delicacy is made from five different types of nuts and is traditionally stuffed with ham. Other ingredients are lard and dried fruit. Some varieties also have two or three yolks instead of one. In addition, the filling is usually made with salted duck egg yolks, which symbolize the full moon.

Another traditional Chinese style mooncake is the mixed-nuts mooncake. This type of mooncake is filled with different kinds of nuts and dried fruits. Different regions have different versions of this dessert, and the recipe for each will vary. If you wish to make your wu ren mooncake more traditional, you can add ice cream. It will give it a shiny look and be a romantic treat for your date.

Another popular type of wu ren mooncake is the ham and nut variety. Translated, this type of mooncake is filled with five different types of nuts, including walnuts, chestnuts, and pumpkin seeds. These mooncakes are also filled with Chinese hard-cured ham, known as Jing Hua Huo Tui. Unlike their Cantonese counterparts, this version is less fatty and is popular with vegetarians as well as vegans.

Ronal Chinese mooncakes are made with flour and are stir-fried. Some are made with a combination of savory and sweet fillings, like piglet biscuits. Traditionally, these are shared as gifts. Each mooncake is about 700 calories, half of which is recommended daily for an average Asian lady. The wu ren mooncake is one of the oldest Chinese desserts, originating in the Han Dynasty.

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