Four Causes That Drains Battery Too Quickly & The Solutions

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A dead and drained can be frustrating, especially if you are on road. There are many causes of battery drain. For instance improper maintenance, expired battery, electrical issues, alternator problems etc. Four causes of a battery drain and its solutions are discussed below.


Leaving the lights and electronics of the vehicle on

Leaving the exterior and the interior lights of the vehicle can drain your battery dry. Lights such as headlights have to be turned off when the car is not running. Some cars come with the feature of the lights getting automatically off but all cars do not have this function. The charge of the car battery is maintained on driving it and cannot keep the lights and electronics functioning without the working of the engine which charges the battery.

Battery which is old and is in worn out condition

Battery has a lifespan and they can work properly for four to five years without any problem. Once the battery becomes old and worn out with short trips, extreme temperature and every day use it will no longer be useful and you will have to buy a new battery. Maintenance of battery also plays a major role in its smooth working. Contact Champions Car Battery Services for car battery change Abu Dhabi, we guarantee that we will provide the most suitable battery for your vehicle.

Loose Cables, corrosion and electrical issues

Cables which are attached to the terminals of the battery when not secured tightly can lead to battery discharge. Cables are usually disconnected when service is done. It is important to reconnect the cables to the right terminal in the right manner.

Faulty Alternator

Alternator provides flow of power to the different accessories of the vehicle like car alarm, window locks, air conditioning etc. It recharges the battery when the car is on gear. A defective alternator will not recharge the battery and will drain the battery eventually making the battery dead


Champions Car Battery Replacement Service

Champions Batteries give the best battery repair and replacement service. We are the best place to buy car battery and we are available round clock for any services related to vehicle batteries. We offer diagnostics, jumpstarting, and installation of reliable and original battery brands.

The Champions of Battery squad is there to assist you if you are trapped on the roadside, at home, in the parking lot, or anywhere in the UAE. We are helping to repair your vehicle’s battery.

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Your battery can stop working or fail due to a number of reasons. Changing temperature, malfunctioning alternator, overlooking periodic service and maintenance, formations of lead crystals are some of the reasons a battery may fail. Failure of a battery lands you in a difficult situation. Jump starting the car is an effective method in such a scenario. While trying to jump start your car on your own you have to do it in a systematic manner following a set of procedure. Champions Car Battery Services offers professional and efficient jump start car service. You can contact us with complete confidence. There are many risks involved while trying to jump start a car on your own. With us your car and you are in safe hands. We provide the best service of car battery change Abu Dhabi.

Champions Battery
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