6 Scents That Can Boost Productivity At Home Or In The Office

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Having the right attitude and mindset can help you get more done and be more productive, but that doesn't mean you should take it easy. When your brain is in neutral or low gear, it's harder to focus and think clearly. That's why Scented air can be a great way to get a jolt of motivation when you need it most. Many different factors influence our productivity at work or home: stress, distractions, noise levels, and personal habits all play a role in how much we can accomplish in an allotted period. But there are also almost as many solutions to these problems as people face them. If you're looking for ways to increase your productivity this season—whether at home or the office—check out these six scents that can boost productivity below!


1) Citrus

Among the best scents for focusing and staving off mental fatigue are lemon and other citrus aromas. Over half of the workers made fewer mistakes when they smelled lemons. Do not be afraid to utilize a quality citrus essential oil for your next big project or deadline. For improved productivity and quality of work, it may be just what you need. The Crushed Lime & Mint Aroma Oil contains a refreshing citrus blend of crushed limes and mint.


2) Vanilla

Despite its warmth, vanilla does not overpower the senses. It is a great choice whenever you want to feel more confident than usual because of its comforting properties. Furthermore, it affects how you see the world, your attitude towards it, and how positive you feel. Not to mention, by sprucing up your home with vanilla-scented products, your entire house will smell like cookies without all the trouble and mess of baking them yourself.


3) Rosemary

It is possible to increase alertness and memory retention when exposed to the odor of this common kitchen ingredient. Due to its stimulating properties, it can also relieve mental fatigue, physical exhaustion, and headaches. If you need some help getting your day off to a good start, this scent is just what you need. Muscle aches and pains may also be relieved by applying rosemary oil.


4) Cinnamon

It is well known for its inclusion in delicious desserts and is also an effective productivity enhancer. An office's bad moods spread like wildfire through the workplace because nothing can alter the workload or degree of stress caused by a particular business or industry. With its mood-altering scent, cinnamon promotes alertness, improves focus, and improves the accuracy of attention to detail, all of which are critical for effective office management and production.


5) Jasmine

Since ancient times, this subtly sweet, highly fragrant aroma has been used in Asia as a "feel good" Scent air. In addition to relieving stress, tension, anxiety, and depression, it promotes a sense of well-being. The scent is refreshing, calming, and uplifting when introduced to an office setting. There is even a possibility of euphoria when too much jasmine is consumed. You should, therefore, remember the word moderation if you decide to go with it!


6) Chamomile

In the evening, you should use this scent at home. To help people relax, chamomile herb infusions are made from daisy-like plants. In addition to treating stress and insomnia, chamomile is known to possess anti-anxiety properties. If you have a stressful night, you can destress and fall asleep quicker by using chamomile oils. In the end, good sleep is the key to enhancing productivity. Consider giving your team a chamomile gift bag as a kind gesture!



It is essential to choose the right scent for the right situation. For example, if you are writing for a while, you might want to go with something like lavender so that your mind stays focused. If you are going to be talking with another person for a while, you might want to put on something uplifting and calming. You can even use Scent Machine while doing other activities such as cooking or yoga. Having an open mind when it comes to aromatherapy is essential because you could discover a new way to improve your mood and stay energized throughout your day.

Eco Scent
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