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Ronnee Strickland Shares 5 Enterprise Tips for Newbies

Ronnee Strickland
Ronnee Strickland Shares 5 Enterprise Tips for Newbies

Ronnee Strickland has been successfully running her own firm since 2007. Ronnee Strickland has also done society services to support other companies and individuals who desire to be successful in their own businesses.


It can be overwhelming for those new to the business world to figure out where to start. Many of us decide to go into business because we love what we do, and maybe that’s why we are drawn to entrepreneurship in the first place, but starting your own firm isn’t always as manageable as it sounds. Ronnee Strickland Shares 5 Enterprise Tips for Newbies.


Start Small, Think Big


When starting a business, it's important to think big while also starting small. That means having a grand vision for your business while also being realistic about what you can achieve in the short term. This can be difficult, but it's important to find that balance. It's OK if you only start with one employee and one customer. Just keep moving forward and don't get discouraged when challenges arise because they will happen no matter how good your business is doing. The key is to ensure that those challenges don't prevent you from reaching your ultimate goal of becoming successful in the long term.


Diversify Your Social Media Efforts


If you're only relying on one platform to get the word out about your business, you're missing out on a lot of potential customers. Make sure you have a presence on multiple social media sites and regularly post fresh content. Experiment with some different types of posts- try sharing informational blog posts or tutorials, or hold a giveaway or promotion to create some buzz around your company. Be proactive with other social media users: Responding to reviews and messages from satisfied customers will encourage them to buy from you again- plus it gives them an opportunity to provide feedback about their experience so you can improve in the future.


Reach Out to Your Community


As a business owner, one of the best things you can do is reach out to your community. Not only does this show that you care about them, but it also gives you an opportunity to learn more about what they want and need. Plus, it can help build relationships that can benefit both parties involved. Here are five tips from Ronnee Strickland on how to reach out to your community.

1) Put up posters in areas where people will see them (e.g., grocery stores).

2) Go door-to-door and talk to people in person.

3) Invite speakers or hold workshops at your place of work.

4) Start or join a club or organization where like-minded people can share ideas and work together toward common goals.


The Importance of Being Consistent and Responsive


Ronnee Strickland, businesswoman and community service leader, shares five tips for beginning entrepreneurs. First, she stresses the importance of being consistent in your work. This means putting in the effort day in and day out, even when you don't feel like it. Second, she advises being responsive to your customers' needs. This means listening to feedback and making changes accordingly. Third, she suggests building a strong team of employees who share your vision. Fourth, she recommends staying organized and keeping track of your goals.


Never Give Up!


When it comes to business, one of the most important things you can do is never give up. This may seem like an obvious statement, but it's important to remember when things get tough. Ronnee Strickland knows this better than anyone, as she's faced challenges and overcome them throughout her career. Here are her five tips for never giving up on your business:

1. Believe in yourself and your outcome or assistance. If people don't believe in you, they won't invest their time and money into what you're doing.

2. Stay focused and work hard so that your business will grow at a steady pace.

3. Listen to constructive criticism from those who care about your success, but don't take it personally if someone offers negative feedback about your company; instead take the advice into consideration and make changes accordingly.

4. Never stop learning!

Ronnee Strickland
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