Benefits of Buying a Used Semi-Truck

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A semi-truck is far from a small purchase. A new semi can cost you close to $200,000 in some cases and well over $100,000 in all cases. But is it a good idea to buy a used semi-truck? Should you buy new to ensure high quality and longer life? Keep reading to learn the benefits of buying used semi-trucks over new ones.

Lower Price

The most obvious benefit is that you won't be paying the higher price tag that comes on semis that are fresh off the production line. You can purchase the beginnings of a shipping fleet for half the price of buying all new semi-trucks. As already mentioned, those can cost you around $200,000. On the other hand, used semis can cost under $100,000, with only a few models pushing into those 6-figure prices. This can be huge cost savings for someone just starting their trucking career—especially if you're looking to buy several trucks to start building your own fleet.

Skip the Depreciation

Just as with new cars, new semis tend to lose a lot of their value in just a couple of years. This means that the first owner will be eating a lot of that upfront cost and recouping only a small percentage of the value when they resell it. If you buy used, however, that depreciation has slowed down significantly. If you resell that used semi later, you'll recoup a much larger percentage of the initial purchase price.

Keep the Warranty

While new semis do come with a warranty, many people assume that a used semi won't. Indeed, a warranty isn't guaranteed when buying a used semi, but many dealerships offer this on their used trucks. This means that you can keep that peace of mind from having a warranty on your semi-truck, protecting you from high repair costs early on on your own while avoiding the high upfront costs of buying a new truck.

Have More Options

A semi-truck from a used semi dealership can offer you many benefits if you're looking into semis for sale. When buying new, semi-truck dealers often specialize in a single make of vehicle, just as car dealerships often do. But dealers that sell used semis will often have a wider variety of makes on their lot, allowing you to explore more options in person instead of having to go from one dealership to another.

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