[Interview of "Four New and Four Modernizations"] Living in a B&B and Appreciating Folk Customs


At the beginning of midsummer, Xinjie Village in Libo County is full of green waves and the fragrance of rice is overflowing. In the distance, new houses are lined up, and the roads are clean and tidy. Tourists' vehicles are parked in front of the villagers' self-built homestays.

"There are people from this area, as well as from other provinces such as Guangxi, Guangdong, and some foreign tourists." He Yingcheng, the owner of Guyun Fulou B&B, introduced that these tourists basically come to Xiaoqikong to escape the summer. tui discount code

"The location of the B&B here is very good. You can walk a few hundred meters to Xiaoqikong Scenic Spot. You can enjoy the beautiful scenery in the morning and participate in folk cultural activities in the evening. It has a unique charm." Ms. Chen's family, a tourist from Beijing, has lived here for three years. God.

"The rooms are fully booked in July and August this year." The owner of the mountain hut looked happy when he talked about the booking situation in the summer. "The guest rooms in our house are all in the popular log style. The chef came back from New Oriental for study and training. It was only opened for trial operation this month and was favored by the majority of tourists."

Xinjie Village is 800 meters away from the west gate of Xiaoqikong Scenic Area, a national 5A scenic spot. , enhance the sense of homestay design, provide differentiated homestay services and other measures, create a group of distinctive themed boutique homestays, attract local villagers to work at their doorsteps, expand the channels for villagers to increase their income, and inject new vitality into rural revitalization.

Innovate and help ideas to find the "way" for development

Today, Xinjie Village, which is neat and distinctive, was actually a deeply impoverished village as early as 2017, due to the scattered living of the villagers and the uneven distribution of resources. In 2020, the whole village will be relocated to the west gate of Xiaoqikong Scenic Spot, but how can the villagers' money bags "bulge" by guarding the gate of the scenic spot? Just when the two committees of the village branch were "worried" about this matter, the good news came!

According to the arrangement and deployment of the superior, in 2021, Guizhou Expressway Group will begin to implement rural revitalization assistance to Xinjie Village, and select outstanding cadres to serve as the first secretary of Xinjie Village's rural revitalization. After many evaluations and demonstrations, combined with the geographical and resource advantages of Xinjie Village, Guizhou Expressway Group proposed the development idea of ​​creating a homestay cluster health care industry with ethnic minority customs and a provincial homestay cluster base, in order to further select and enrich the development industry of Xinjie Village. Model, organized the representatives of Xinjie Village villagers to visit Meitan County, Zunyi City to learn from the excellent experience and practices of rural revitalization and development, and contacted famous cultural and creative industry companies and homestay management consulting companies in the province to provide consulting services for Xinjie Village. tui nhs discount code

After more than a year of exploration and practice, the homestay industry in Xinjie Village has continued to grow, from more than 10 to 122, from a scattered, chaotic, and irregular situation to a concentrated, unified, and distinctive homestay cluster , a total of more than 1,300 beds have been laid, which can accommodate more than 2,000 people. In 2021, the revenue will reach 11 million yuan, and more than 300 people in the village will be employed.

Broaden the channels to increase income

With the characteristic industries, the "way" for development has been identified, and how to allow the villagers of Xinjie Village to broaden the channels to increase their income has been put on the agenda of Xinjie Village. In April of this year, High Speed ​​Media Co., Ltd. coordinated with the Xiaoqikong Town Government to build the West Street Music Bar and National Stage, and also won a special fund of 1 million yuan allocated by Libo County to develop restaurants and supermarkets in Xinjie Village. industry, pressing the "fast-forward button" for the industrial development of Xinjie Village.

In order to improve the supporting facilities in the village, the high-speed media company has successively invested funds to build a party building activity room, and also built a basketball court and a folk culture square for the village, so that tourists can stay and play well.

Through the bridge connection of Guizhou Expressway Group, Expressway Media Company actively strived for relevant policy support, connected with relevant departments, and applied for catering, cattle raising and pig raising projects for the people of Xinjie Village. The masses benefit.

"With the help of the local government and support units, Xinjie Village is now becoming more and more famous, the industry is developing well, the villagers are very motivated, and the future will be even more prosperous." Village owner He Zunian introduced.

Focusing on the 20-character general requirements of the rural revitalization strategy and the assistance implementation plan formulated by the Guizhou Expressway Group, the rural revitalization has been carried out through multiple measures. At present, with the tourism resources of the Xiaoqikong Scenic Area, Xinjie Village has become the largest gathering of homestays in Libo County. Land and health care village.

"Xinjie Village is a new village where immigrants were relocated, and the basic conditions are relatively good. Since the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, the development of the village has become better and better, and everyone has become more and more motivated." Xie Zhonggui, the first secretary of Guizhou Expressway Group stationed in Xinjie Village, said with confidence.

In the next step, Guizhou Expressway Group will take advantage of the media resources of Expressway Media to increase the publicity of Xinjie Village, continue to enhance the popularity of Xinjie Village, and fully promote the rural revitalization.

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