Witnessing the Growth Trend of Telecom Power System Market


The global telecom power system market is projected to grow from USD 3.9 billion in 2022 to USD 5.4 billion by 2027; it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 7.1% from 2022 to 2027.

The key factors are fueling the growth of this market increasing number of telecom infrastructure in remote areas, growing adoption of telecom services and high data traffic, rising awareness about reducing carbon footprint from telecom power systems, growing adoption of hybrid power systems, increasing technological advancements in cellular networks, rising use of GaN-based power devices with evolution of 5G technology, surging requirements for advance telecom infrastructure and M2M connections.

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The telecom power system market has promising growth potential due to several factors, including the increase in demand for of telecom services post Covid-19 due to remote work culture, increasing adoption of telecom services due to technological advancements, leading to better user experiences and network security.

For the component segment of telecom power system market, generators will hold the largest market share for telecom power system in 2021. A generator is an independent source of electrical power that supports important electrical systems on loss of normal power supply. It is a standby power system, which may include a standby generator, batteries, and other systems.

For grid type segment of telecom power system market, bad grid connected telecom power system hold the largest market size in 2021. Bad grid connected telecom power systems are mainly used in developing economies such as India, Brazil, and African countries, the reason being that telecom power sites are mostly in remote locations where power is not available throught the day, hence a bad grid is observed in most of the site, due to which bad grid has highest market share.


For power source segment of telecom power system market, Diesel–Battery power source was the largest market for telecom power system in 2021. A diesel-battery power source is designed for bad grid sites and off-grid sites, and they are used when the fuel consumption is very high. As this is the most common and conventional power source, it holds the highest market share currently.


For the power rating segmentation of telecom power system market, power systems below 10 kW are estimated to account for the largest share of the telecom power system market during the forecast period. Low-output telecom power systems are generally used in cell towers, base transceiver stations (BTS), 5G antennas, base stations for telecom towers, macrocell base stations, 4G towers, cell phone towers, UPS systems, and other applications.


For telecom power system by technology type, DC power systems held the largest market share of the telecom power system in 2021. The growing demand for power-efficient systems and increasing awareness to reduce the carbon footprint propel the growth of the DC power systems since DC power systems provide higher power efficiency compared to AC power systems. In the telecom power system market.

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For the telecom power system market, by region, the maximum market share of the telecom power system market is contributed by Asia Pacific with a market share of 43.9% and a CAGR of 9.1% during the forecast period. This is due to a larger proportion of population in the region, leading to large number of mobile subscribers. Another reason being that India, China, South Korea have developed their telecom services and India, Sout Korea have a few start-ups that focus on the upcoming trends in digital services such as cloud computing, network security, and better connecting technologies, which lead to growth in the telecom sector as a whole, which in turn, leads to growth in the telecom power system market.

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