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Different Types of Artificial Grass

Grahem Samuels

Did you know there were many types of grasses available to install? There's bluish grass, vibrant green grass, and everywhere in between. Depending on the look you're going for would determine what grass is right for you. When it comes to synthetic grass, there are options available as well. Talking to your artificial grass & synthetic turf company can help determine what products would best fit your needs. There are many brands on the market, and all have great advantages. Some have more than others, and some look different than others. Many artificial turfs come with amazing warranties as well. 

Depending on your application, some turf might be a better fit than others. Let's take a look at some of the uses for artificial turf and the different types that may apply.

Synthetic Grass For Sports

Official grass was first introduced in 1967. Where was it introduced? The sports arena. Ever since official grass has been taking over in the sports arena; this includes football fields, golf courses, etc. A primary reason for artificial turf to be used is consistency. Grass height all remains the same, and its density as well.

Artificial Turf For Playgrounds and Dog Parks

Did you know that artificial turf is perfect for playgrounds and dog parks? Not only do you not have to maintain it with mowing, but it holds up well against humans and pets and high traffic. Top-quality synthetic grass is great for high-performance use. That makes it ideal for frequent use at playgrounds and at dog parks.


One of the most common areas you'll see artificial turf is for landscaping in residential use. You can use artificial turf in the front, side, and backyards. It makes a beautiful appearance and certainly adds a touch of curb appeal to any home. It looks great year-round, requires no mowing, has no allergens, and you'll have minimal pests around your home as a result. Though artificial turf is an investment, it is one worth doing if you dislike spending hours maintaining your lawn each week.


Add value to your commercial property with artificial turf. You can limit your out-of-pocket expenses for maintenance and hiring a lawn care company if you replace your grassy areas with artificial turf. Though it can be an investment and often a huge one, it is well worth the effort. Artificial grass can last up to a decade or more. Often comes with fabulous warranties as well.

Grahem Samuels
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