How to Keep Your Houseplants Alive While Going on Vacation?


Sometimes home gardeners also need to go out on vacation. But who will take care of the

plants? This is a big question that comes to the minds of each gardener while planning a trip.

Having two to three plants are somehow manageable, but it’s a big issue when you have more

in number. So what will you do?

If you want to buy the best indoor plants in Lucknow, you need first to find how to keep them

alive while you go out on vacation. We will help you out through this guide to find the best ways

to keep your plants healthy while you are out on vacation. Let’s get started:

Move from Sunlight

If you are planning to buy the best indoor plants in Lucknow, you need first to find how to keep

them alive before planning your trip. The more sunlight they receive, the sooner they become

thirstier. If you are planning to go out for a few weeks, you must keep them away from natural


The lesser natural light they receive, the longer they can go without water. Change the location

of your houseplants if they are placed near a sunny spot or close the curtains to stop direct sun

rays from entering.

Water Thoroughly

If you are going away for only two or three days, it is best to water them thoroughly. When you

water the plants well, they can easily go on for a few days. However, make sure you are not

keeping them in a bright sunlight spot. You can buy the best indoor plants in Lucknow from Leaf

Baba to get your favorite collection of houseplants. This tip is valid for all the plants that require

watering only once a week, such as succulents.

A Little Pruning Will be Great

If there are some dead or damaged leaves and stems of the houseplants that take up more

energy and water, you need to prune them off. You don’t have to prune your plants harder while

going out every time. All you need is to prune a little to discard all the parts that take more

energy and water. This will also ensure better growth for the houseplants. With Leaf Baba, you

can get the best indoor plants in Lucknow to keep your home filled with your favorite ones.

Avoid Fertilizing

When you apply fertilizer to your houseplants, they take up more energy and require more

water. So if you are about to fertilize your houseplants, it is better not to opt before you go out

for a vacation, and it s better to apply only when you return from your trip as you need to take

good care of them after fertilizing. With Leaf Baba, you can also buy the best and high-quality

fertilizers for your houseplants.

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