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Is Softened Water Bad for Plants?

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Are you safe to water your lawn with soft water? Will the water softener damage the grass? Does soft water kill plants?In short, soft water is bad for plants. Soft water is loaded with sodium, and plants can only take so much sodium before they die.

In this article, we’ll talk about exactly why that is, and what you can do to make sure that you get rid of your hard water while keeping your plants healthy and thriving.

Why Do Plants Die from Soft Water?

As we said above, soft water is loaded with sodium. Plants that are watered with sodium eventually begin to form a layer of salt across the soil bed. It’s like how dirty skin can clog your pores -- except, unfortunately, even worse. Water and healthy nutrients can’t reach the bottom of the plant, so it eventually withers and dies.

Additionally, if the salt levels in your soil become too high, then other plants won’t be able to grow, either. If you try leaching -- frequent watering to avoid salt buildup -- with soft water, you’re going to devastate your soil, particularly if you don’t 

The Math Behind Why Soft Water is Awful for Plant Life

One of the top articles on this exact topic states the following regarding soft water:

“Naturally, we don’t want to give our plants salt water. But since soft water barely registers with sodium, it’s much more similar to rainwater than your other options, like hard, chlorinated tap water. So yes, soft water is safe to give to your plants.”

Now, of course, 30mg is less than 70mg, but that means if you have a potted plant, the sodium will only take twice as long to build up in the soil, pushing it past the 5 percent in plant tissue or 230mg per liter in the soil. This is also true for your lawn, especially if you -- like most people -- don’t have some sort of water drainage system for your lawn.

For more information visit here : https://filtersmart.com/blogs/article/is-softened-water-bad-for-plants

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