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Why Online HVAC Load Calculator Is Better Than Worksheet?

Why Online HVAC Load Calculator Is Better Than Worksheet?

Are you looking for the HVAC load calculator worksheet to calculate the necessary thermal output capacity of any building in BTU required to heat or cool an area? 

If yes, then this article is for you. Below we have shared everything you need to know about the HVAC load calculator spreadsheet, and we are also going to review the best alternative to the HVAC worksheet, which is an online HVAC load calculator by EDS. 

The online HVAC load calculator is similar to the old worksheet; you need to fill in the output fields, and all calculations will be done. It is the modern solution to all your HVAC load calculation needs. 

Talking about the home HVAC load calculation worksheets, hundreds of worksheets are available in the market and used by engineers. Those worksheets need a lot of data input, and they also produce large quantities of output. 

Sometimes those HVAC load calculation worksheets may not work correctly after all they are working based on the formulas, and the calculation process with those sheets is also very complex; that’s where online HVAC load calculations come into place, which is the best, modern, and most accurate solution to all you need. 

HVAC Load Calculation Worksheet

HVAC load calculator worksheets are specially designed excel files with complex formulas to calculate the required BTUs for a particular living space. Those worksheets are available in different types and provide accurate data, but the process is quite complex, and there is a chance of miscalculation.

An engineer decides between the proper heating, ventilating, and air condition equipment needed according to condition. Those decisions depend upon the calculation done with the home HVAC load calculator worksheet, which is working with the help of the HVAC load calculation formula.

Early the essay accessibility of those sheets enables engines to input, modify and change lots of HVAC load variation, which can be altered and adjusted on the side with the help of calculation (output) available on the screen.

Now you know about the HVAC load calculation spreadsheet, let’s understand why you should upgrade to the online HVAC load calculator and start adopting the technology trends.

Why Should You Go Online HVAC Load Calculator Rather Than A Worksheet?

No HVAC load calculator tells you which cooling or heating system you need, but that calculator provides you with the data in BTU that help you make a correct decision about the equipment.

At the time of construction of any residential building, there are moments when the exactness and acquisition are not fiscally reasonable. Before starting with the construction, when the property owner and architect meet to confine the best design approach, it is also imperative to comprehend the effect of the heating and cooling system on the overall layout of the construction, which is also associated with space requirements.

For such conditions, it is better to have an HVAC load calculator handy so that the skilled engineer can easily calculate and determine the space requirement. They can quickly size the heating or cooling system needed based on the design of the architecture.

With the help of an online HVAC load calculator, you can do all the calculations quickly. We know it can also be done with the HVAC load calculation formula, but the process is quite complex. You can do all the calculations, and suggest the equipment accurately in minutes. Here is why you should go with the online HVAC load calculator only:

  • When you use an online HVAC load calculator, they always promise the accuracy of the data
  • It is straightforward to do calculations, the process is not complex as the worksheet. 
  • An online HVAC load calculator can be used on a smartphone where the worksheet is not so accessible.

EDS HVAC Load Calculator – Best Load Calculator In The Market

EDS HVAC load calculator is the most accurate and contractor-friendly load calculator with 100% heat loss and heat gain load calculation accuracy. With the help of our software, you can do the required analysis in a few minutes. 

Our software’s work with complex algorithms and equipment. Not just calculate based on the data you have provided, but the software also utilizes the data from different sources such as Google Places and real estate databases. 

It is an advanced home energy audit tool specially developed for professional auditors. The software will help you access a home’s heat bleed and develop customized energy profiles. 

Why Is EDS HVAC Load Calculator Good?

Allows you to calculate the equipment cost easily: If you purchase equipment based on assumptions or wrong calculations, you may pay high for high-capacity equipment. With the help of an accurate estimate, you can invest in the right equipment and save money.

Suitable capacity of the equipment is necessary for health and comfort: When you invest in high capacity equipment unnecessarily because of the wrong calculation, it is not good for your health, may lead to health issues like mood growth and affect comfort. 

Less operating cost: When you have the right equipment capacity, it will heat or cool your space efficiently and avoid unnecessary energy waste, directly saving lots of money.

Final Words

Now we hope you understand how the EDS HVAC load calculator can help you calculate the required thermal output capacity (in BTUs) of any residential building and why it is better to use an online HVAC load calculator than the old HVac load calculator worksheet.

It is not just the fastest way to calculate your needs but also the most accurate way of computing. So what are are you waiting for? Check out our online HVAC load calculator and do your work with ease.

Remember, the proper calculation is required for energy-efficient cooling or heating. Do not work with the HVAC Contractor just suggesting equipment by looking at the size of your building or the equipment you already have.

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