Halal food certification criteria & its compliance

HMA Canada

Halal certification is legal documentation to verify the products and services permissible to Islamic law. The services and products with halal logos are suitable for consumption by Muslims. Products produced by the halal certification process quality and features of the product follow the rules of the Islamic council. Halal certification is directed towards Meat Halal, milk, canned food and grocery products. 

For meat, halal certifies that the animal is slaughtered in a single cut with recitation. I begin with Allah's name and Allah is the Great. The pork and animals slaughter without blessing or dead are Haram in Islam.

Halal certification designated by private or government companies, the Halal Monitoring Authority (HMA) is an authentic halal certifier in Canada. The procedure adopted by HMA included Halal meat Toronto, poultry inspection, and all halal produce slaughter to pack and deliver. HMA realize three inspection parts to cover the entire route

  1. Manufacturers
  2. Distributors
  3. Then retailers (Butchers shop and outlets)

HMA certification and label will assist you make the halal choice confidently. Non-halal ingredients, use of machinery and halal required packing do not follow with halal certification. HMA formed the solution for these and many other problems with neglect by others.

There are multiple resources by a company that can obtain Halal Certification. Here are the criteria and its compliance:

  1. Collect the product information and other documentation, including the ingredient's paperwork used in the product.
  2. Submit the application and halal certification fees.
  3. Wait for the company to contact.
  4. Your procedure, storage, packing and delivery follow the Halal protocol.
  5. Company auditors will give a date for the inspection of your facilities. 
  6. After the inspection, they will write a report with the suggestion of your facilities.
  7. Your application and given information will be studied by the halal certification committee. If they are pleased, an agreement paper will form.
  8. Sign the agreement and pay the fees. Halal certification will be awarded to qualified products.
  9. The Halal logo will be placed on the qualifying products. 

The standard and compliance of halal certification are:

  • Animal slaughter to Islamic law
  • Use of Alcohol and blood are haram
  • Any part of pork meat
  • The meat of dead animals
  • Carnivorous animals
  • Birds of prey
  • Reptiles
  • Rodents
  • Insects
  • Muslims not to allow the use of intoxicants

The halal certification compliance not only for the Islamic law standards but the food safety and sanitation procedure strictly followed by excellent processing service.

HMA Canada
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