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Wilcox Ground Services

With increasing airline traffic, most airports are turning towards new technologies for operating the Ground support equipment fleet.

What is Airport Ground Support Equipment?

Aircraft Support equipment is located in and around the airport, usually near the terminal or apron. It serves to service and support aircraft operations on the ground. Oftentimes, airport ground support equipment is used by airlines to facilitate the arrival of passengers and their transportation.

Airport Ground Support Equipment include various equipment like vehicles, air-conditioning tugs, bin jacks & conveyors, light-duty trucks, airplane pull-backs & tethers, forklifts and elevators, slings, and other equipment serving power, tethering, and servicing purposes. Additional classifications apply to Airport Ground support equipment included powered & non powered.

Aircraft Ground support Equipment Manufacturer in Canada

If you are looking for Aircraft ground support Equipment’s then Wilcox GSE formerly known as Wilcox Ground Services offers complete Aircraft solutions to corporate, & departments like FBO, MRO, military, airline and general aviation equipment to their wide client base globally. Wilcox GSE has been manufacturing custom equipment for a variety of industries is a leading Aircraft Ground support Equipment manufacturer located in Ontario, Canada since year 1962.  Without reliable equipment it seems to quite impossible to handle the task at hand. Our custom ground support vehicles manufactured from aluminium or steel, all by certified welders and installers are built to be ready when your crew requires them, each & every time. Wilcox Ground Support Equipment is engineer certified and is welded by CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) certified welders designed and built with safety in mind.

Best Quality Aircraft Maintenance Stairs

It is essential to have proper height access at airports and maintenance facilities. An aircraft maintenance stair is a crucial part of the ground support infrastructure in airports. It is important to find a stairway that is both sturdy and lightweight. If you are unfamiliar with the use of aircraft maintenance stairs, here are a few tips to get you started.

Aircraft Maintenance Stairs have three primary functions. They provide a safe and stable platform for technicians and passengers alike. In addition to facilitating quick height regulation, they offer an appealing design. The Wilcox GSE maintenance stairs feature a decent look, a sleek switchback design, and little floor space. They are designed to be used during maintenance work, so they don't interfere with aircraft operations. Despite being a necessity, they are also an investment that will pay off in the long run. Customization is the core of Wilcox GSE. When we have potency to create a custom equipment that will work for you and the job required then why settled for anything less. 

Wilcox Ground Services
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