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Inspect Your Car Before Outing - Tow truck Richmond

Danial Rayan
Inspect Your Car Before Outing - Tow truck Richmond

Extremely high levels of accountability are needed while towing. Our services are necessary for and influence the lives of automobiles and sometimes people's livelihoods. As a result, we prioritize maintaining our fleet of vehicles and do not take this responsibility lightly. The consequences of poor maintenance on one of our vehicles might be disastrous. As a result, our Tow truck Richmond business is careful to keep our fleets in good shape.

Truck fleet maintenance is far from simple compared to other vehicle maintenance. Tow trucks need to be handled by a qualified professional to be correctly maintained. A fleet inspection inspector regularly inspects all tow vehicles at all sites. Additionally, we've educated all of our drivers to keep an eye out for any issues that can affect the tow truck while it's in use. Our specialists' procedures to guarantee that our vehicles are in excellent shape and operate without a hitch are described below.

1. We frequently inspect our tires

Our tires must have the correct inflation level and load rating while being driven since tow trucks carry such a significant weight. We regularly check our tire pressure as a towing business to ensure it's safe to have practically any weight. All tires are selected mainly for towing high loads, and they are all filled to the maximum cold pressure shown on each tire's side.

In addition, we assess tire traction to guarantee safe driving in any circumstance. Each tire has a carrying capacity of up to 3000 pounds and is either a ten-ply tire or a load range E tire. Before the vehicle returns to the road, we fix any issues. All of our drivers maintain a spare tire on hand in an emergency.

2. We keep up with all lighting

You don't want your automobile to be handled by a towing firm that neglects routine maintenance. Mundie's Towing does regular preventive care to keep all of the lights on our tow trucks in working order. If any headlights, turn signals, taillights, or license plate lights are inoperable, or on the verge of burning out, they are immediately replaced. No tow vehicle can re-enter the road until all lights are flawless. For a tow truck to be driven safely, it must have powerful lighting and indicators. This safeguards not just other motorists on the road but also the cargo the truck is hauling.

3. We train our chauffeurs

At Mundie's, we educate our drivers on how to drive safely and effectively to prevent collisions. We also instruct our drivers on car maintenance while they are on the road. For instance, regularly monitoring their tire pressure and tread. We don't merely demand that all of our drivers pay close attention. For our drivers to remain safe on the road, having a working knowledge of the truck's mechanics is also beneficial.

4. We examine the suspension and brakes.

An automobile that won't cease posing a risk to your life. Our tow trucks have their brakes and suspension inspected by a mechanic before they can go on the road. This step is essential since all of our tow vehicles carry significant excess weight. To be prepared for any excursion, all brakes are routinely inspected.

Our professionals do routine suspension inspections, and drivers are responsible for upkeep. Our Delta tow truck vehicle is removed off the road if anything seems amiss and it feels uncomfortable or drifts while driving. No car in our fleet is allowed to resume operation until the braking and suspension systems are fully functional.

5. We make plans.

Our towing firm believes that prevention is always preferable to a temporary repair. We continue to believe that extreme care is always preferable to an issue that must be fixed. We remain on top of problems before they emerge by following a tight preventive maintenance plan and monthly check-ups. Because each of our vehicles has recently had a comprehensive inspection by either a driver, a fleet inspector, or both, we can safely state that they are all in good functioning order.

Danial Rayan
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