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Accurate environmental monitoring and management via server room environmental monitoring equipment like warehouse temperature monitoring will maximize the utilization of your equipment, increase its lifespan and save operating costs. Here are some tips and best practices for keeping an eye on a server room.


Environmental Monitoring

The server room houses important company records, data, and other information essential to the running of the business. One of the essential elements of managing a server room successfully and efficiently is environmental monitoring. The following are the top environmental dangers we need to watch out for:

● The Temperature of the Sensors 

Servers are delicate machines that require consistent temperature and humidity levels to operate at their peak efficiency and to minimize errors and malfunctions. Because of this, temperature and humidity are the main environmental factors that IT professionals take into account.

Multiple air conditioning systems are installed in the area to regulate the ambient temperature between 18° and 27°C because machinery generates a lot of heat. When many air conditioners are installed, a failure could occur at any time and result in an overloaded cooling system. A warehouse temperature monitoring sensor is advised to be placed close to each air conditioner in order to identify any issues.


● Water Damage 

It is difficult to easily determine the presence of water. A prime example is the flooding beneath raised computer floors, which is unnoticeable since pipes are hidden above them by a false ceiling. Leaky pipes, seepages from nearby walls, and condensate from air conditioners are just a few sources of water buildup. Water may seep into nearby walls or descend to a lower level.


● Smoke Damage 

The server room's equipment and servers as a whole have the capacity to generate a lot of heat and power. One of the key concerns that need to be addressed is overheating. Monitoring for smoke is a basic duty, but most fire alarm systems only pick up a smoke after it has already accumulated.


● Airflow Management 

Initiating airflow management helps reduce failure and downtime by safeguarding servers from overheating, ensuring that no device would be able to absorb the heat from another. 

UbiBot produces the best server room environmental monitoring equipment and data centers that support temperature monitoring, airflow tracking, water leak detection, power monitoring, security monitoring, smoke detection, and more. As soon as an environmental problem is discovered, the alerts system notifies you. The sensors then generate an alarm, for instance, if a power outage or water leak is discovered. Alerts can be issued by email, SMS, phone call, audio alert, SNMP trap, and other means.

Ubibot UK
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