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Experienced Hair Transplant Surgeon | Dr. Urvashi Chandra

Chandra Clinic
Experienced Hair Transplant Surgeon | Dr. Urvashi Chandra

Body hair transplantation is a surgical procedure either performed alone or in combination with scalp hair to restore hair in advanced stages of hair loss. It is done by hair restoration surgeons to improve the aesthetic appearance of hairlines and in scarring alopecia when there is a shortfall of donor scalp hair. At Chandra Hair Clinic, Body Hair Transplant is performed by the famous and experienced hair transplant surgeon in Delhi, Dr. Urvashi Chandra. Many patients from across the globe visit her to get the benefits of various types of hair transplant surgeries.

Why go for a body hair transplant?

  • To achieve natural looks.
  • To get long-term results or a forever-lasting head full of hair.
  • To restore the adequate density of hair.
  • To completely cover the bald sections.

Suitable candidates

  • Healthy individuals have poor donor scalp hair.
  • Adults who want complete scalp hair coverage in a single sitting.
  • Individuals who have retrograde thinning of the scalp donor.
  • People who have experienced failed hair transplantation with a depleted scalp donor and those who hold realistic expectations from the body hair transplant.

To know if one is an ideal candidate for body transplant surgery in Delhi, they can consult Dr. Urvashi Chandra at Chandra Hair Clinic.

How body hair is ideal for severe cases of scalp baldness?

Grade 6 or 7 of the Norwood scale refers to the advanced grades of baldness. People suffering from such extensive baldness would on average require around 8000 grafts to fully cover their bald area. In such cases, the patients who think of taking hair grafts solely from the scalp itself cannot get a successful hair transplant. Practically, the first sitting of the patient can allow around 3000 grafts to be extracted from the scalp donor and a second sitting after about a year can allow extraction of around 1500-2000 grafts from the scalp donor which is not enough for full bald areas coverage on the head.

There is a finite supply possible for the donor hair follicles from the scalp throughout a lifetime. Moreover, body hair is genetically different from scalp hair in terms of its hair cycle and growth rate. It is generally thick and dense with a fast growth rate, which is why patients require them to be harvested for appropriate coverage of the scalp. Thus, such patients opt for body hair transplants to get a successful hair transplant on their heads.

Which type of body hair is used to transplant hair on the scalp?

Primarily, beard hair which is a source of 3000 to 5000 grafts is used along with scalp donor hair. They are preferred in case of scarring alopecia such as lichen plano pilaris as they are relatively resistant to fall over time due to autoimmune scalp conditions. But, they must not be transplanted to the frontal site, crown area, or temporal regions of the scalp but instead to the mid of the head in such a way that they blend with the scalp. If that is also not sufficient, then the surgeon goes for hair on side locks as they match well with the natural scalp hair.

Other body sites like chest, abdomen, thighs, and legs are not so favorable as their characteristics are much different from the scalp hair. These extractions have less success rates due to less survival of these grafts, thus it is not wise to take hair from different body hair. The chest hair is precisely placed and has a higher transaction rate, their growth phase (anagen) is shorter than that of beard hair, and they remain in the shedding phase (telogen) for the most time. Moreover, it can result in post-inflammatory hyper and hypo-pigmentation. If there is non-availability of the donor beard and chest hair after the scalp hair, then underarms and pubic hair might also be used.

Which hair transplant technique is suitable for harvesting body hair for transplantation?

There are two hair transplantation methods to harvest hair for transplantation. One is the traditional Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) which involves taking a strip of hair-bearing skin from the donor area by making a linear cut and then dissecting it further to transplant individual hair follicles into the micro holes created in the recipient area. This is not preferred for body hair transplantation as it may be problematic and leave unappealing scarring on the body. Another method is the advanced Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) wherein the surgeon uses a micro-punch tool to create circular punches and extract individual follicular units from the donor area one graft at a time. It is a much more suitable approach for the transplantation of body hair on the scalp.

People suffering from severe baldness, and those who have lost their hope after getting poor results from traditional hair transplant methods, can restore their depleted hair-line by the use of Body Hair Transplantation technique. To know more about Body Hair Transplant Cost in Delhi book an appointment now at Chandra Hair Clinic.

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