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How to Care a Pet Rat? Things You Need to Know Before Keep a Pet Rat

How to Care a Pet Rat? Things You Need to Know Before Keep a Pet Rat

Rats are intelligent, friendly, and cuddly animals. They make excellent pets, even for children. They are playful animals that crave the company of people and contact with other rats. Rats require moderate care, but it is very easy once the initial enclosure setup is sorted out. This product can be purchased at most pet stores. In addition, the kennels require little space and are easy to maintain.

Overview of the species

Common Name: Rat.

Adult size: 14-18 inches (including tail).

Life span: 2-3 years.

Behavior and Temperament of Rats

Rats are social creatures and almost always become accustomed to and enjoy gentle interactions with humans.

They recognize their masters and mistresses and can be excited when they meet someone they like.

They bond well with people who care for them and are usually very sociable.

Therefore, daily interaction with them is important, and they need to take time each day to care for their enclosure.

Rats are primarily nocturnal but can be active during the day as well. The best time to interact with them is often in the evening hours.

To tame them, it's best to start with slow movements, such as letting them explore your hand while you hold a treat. When picking up the rat, always support its weight and don't squeeze it.

Once the rat gets used to being handled this way, it will want to climb on you and explore. Many rats like to ride on their master's shoulders or curl up on his lap. And they usually don't bite unless they feel threatened.

Rats are generally quiet pets, although they can make slight noises. It's best to keep them away from other pets to avoid undue stress and injury.

However, they prefer to live in pairs or small groups. Female pairs can often coexist peacefully. Male pairs can sometimes be territorial but may do well if introduced at an early age. Females and males can coexist if they are spayed or neutered. Otherwise, they will quickly breed a large number of rodents.

8 Things to Know Before Adopting a Rat as a Pet


Rats average about 14-18 inches in length, including the length of their tail. They weigh about 0.5-1.5 pounds, and males are generally larger than females.


Wooden small animal cages are ideal for pet rats with a solid floor. This allows for good ventilation and less stress on the rat's feet. For two rats, the minimum cage size is 2 ft x 2 ft x 2 ft, but larger is always better. Rats like to climb, so a step cage is suitable to give them more exercise and variety.

The enclosure should be placed in a relatively quiet area. It should also be protected from drafts and direct sunlight.

A stable temperature of 60-80 degrees Celsius is optimal.

Provide toys for the rats in the enclosure, especially chew toys. Then add a nesting box. You can choose a commercial small animal nest or use a small cardboard box or a clay pot turned half on its side.

3.Specific Substrate Needs

Place a few inches of bedding material such as poplar or paper pellets on the floor of the enclosure.

Avoid cedar or pine litter, as their oils can be toxic to rodents.1 You can also add a few shredded paper towels or napkins to help rodents build a soft nest. After scrubbing all surfaces of the cage with a mild detergent and water, change the bedding once a week.

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