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Outsourced IT – transferring the work related to the administration of resources and technical support of the infrastructure to the technical team of an IT outsourcing company that provide subscription-based technical services and help in the development of any kind of software – let’s say, the Web Focus agency. That is, to transfer all tasks related to the maintenance of the existing information structure and software onto the shoulders of another company – and the solution will be beneficial for both parties according to the agreement.


Web Focus, a full-service digital agency, has created an IT outsourcing service for its current and potential clients, covering the client company’s need for technical support, maintenance and development of administrative equipment and work with the company’s software. If you have a desire to put technical support and software development on someone else’s shoulders – our paws are always ready to take care of it, and provide the best solutions needed.


Outsourcing companies solve almost all possible variety of problems – from server maintenance and administration to detailed work with private software, programming and hosting work. Subscriber maintenance and structure support is just one of the areas of IT outsourcing services in our agency.


Web Focus agency services are suitable for startups and even well established businesses whose managers have decided to improve the IT component of their company by ordering IT outsourcing services.


Contact us and get to know more about our site interfaces, adequate server performance and well-designed software algorithms.


All you have to do is contact Web Focus staff at the numbers provided on the agency’s website!


Do not be afraid of IT outsourcing services, now we will tell you why


We will dispel a few myths about the unscrupulousness of IT outsourcing companies. Let’s begin:

The first myth is a low degree of familiarity with information structures and business in general.

For some reason the market thinks that companies like ours have a high turnover rate. First of all, there is no personnel turnover as such. Yes, employees come and go like in all companies, but the turnover is much lower than outside the outsourcing sphere. A person gets more opportunities with the same salary as in the office, so why would he leave? Secondly, any project the agency runs is a project for a group of people. Even if a specialist who has been maintaining your devices and updating your software leaves, a similar specialist with similar skills would take his place in handling your business tasks. So there is absolutely nothing to worry about.

The second myth is information security breaches.

Yes, that’s a myth. We conclude contracts, according to which we are responsible for the preservation of confidential client information. By losing one client, means ruining the agency’s reputation and losing the trust of other clients. And we simply do not need such. A staff member does not risk his reputation and job position by leaking confidential information about our clients. It is in our utmost interest to keep client information confidential at all times.

The third myth is understated speed.

Yes, that’s a myth. We conclude contracts, according to which we are responsible for the preservation of confidential client information. By losing one client, means ruining the agency’s No, it doesn’t work that way. We monitor the situation in real time and have working algorithms and software for all variations of cases that could occur at any given time. If problems arise, they are promptly resolved within minutes. We are able to cope with the problems that arise in the organization extremely quickly. But whether an in-house system administrator is capable of such is another question…


Advantages of outsourcing company specialists over in-house administrators


Project Management


To begin with, an outsourcing agency such as Web focus, always prepares reports on collateral incidents, defines so-called KPIs, and adheres to a development plan drawn up in advance. There are no force majeure events in the work of agency employees compared to other outsourcing development companies. Always a clear adherence to the plan and always a clear report on the completed tasks is a guarantee of the quality of IT outsourcing work when ordering.


The states are similar, but the results are not.


When cooperating with us, the state of the information structure is monitored by a staff of specialists similar to the office staff of a large company. Only here there is a convention – the services of an IT outsourcing provider will cost somewhat cheaper than those of a similar office staff. And a full-fledged company does not claim to have a comfortable work environment with paid vacations.


Society of Professionals


A separate non-obvious advantage is the professional society around the outsourcer. That is, unlike an in-house system administrator (especially if he is alone), the outsourcer specialists here have no choice “to improve or not”. He will have to raise his qualifications, develop and constantly improve, even if he is lazy. And this means that the outsourcer will gain more professional skills and experience in spheres like CRM, B2B or B2C, ERP and e-commerce in general, in comparison to a full-time employee.



Simplifying structures


Simplification of infrastructure operation. It sounds strange, but by optimizing the work of the current software maintenance, costs and energy consumption drastically reduce after contacting our agency. A basic simplification of the existing development structure, carried out by a professional is much better than overpaying for maintenance. And this is a definite advantage.



Getting Started




To start working with an IT outsourcing Provider you only need to choose a contractor and sign an agreement when they calculate the cost of subscription services according to the tariff schedule. But to find a full-fledged department of IT specialists or at least one programmer, you have to work hard to find suitable personnel, provide comfortable jobs and pay taxes for these personnel all out of the budget.

To know more about IT outsourcing visit: WebFocus

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