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Grey Goose Vodka 750ml – Shopsk

Grey Goose is a brand of vodka produced in France. It was founded in 1990 by Sidney Frank, who later sold the brand to Bacardi. The original Grey Goose recipe was developed by François Thibault in Cognac, France. The vodka is now available in a variety of flavors and prices.

In the early days of Grey Goose, the vodka was called Jagermeister, and it was an instant hit among college students. Frank, who also had a team of liquor ladies called Jagerettes, began selling Jagermeister in the US. Before Grey Goose vodka was even distilled, Frank had already created a brand that was all about luxury and French decadence.

Grey Goose vodka is produced from the finest ingredients available. Soft winter wheat grown in the French breadbasket, and pure spring water from the Gensac region make up this vodka's unique character. Throughout the distillation process, the spirit is carefully monitored by a cellar master who oversees all aspects of production.

When the Grey Goose brand first hit the American market, it sold for $30 a bottle, which was significantly more expensive than the rival Absolut vodka. However, Grey Goose quickly gained popularity and soon became one of the world's top super premium vodkas. The brand's popularity skyrocketed and it was sold in millions of bottles per year by 2004.

Vodka is a popular alcoholic beverage that has its roots in Europe. Distilled from water and fermented grains, it has a smooth flavor that can be enjoyed neat or mixed with other spirits. It is a key ingredient in many cocktails, including vodka martinis, vodka tonics, and long island iced teas. However, you can also try other types of vodka, such as potato vodka, which is popular in potato-growing regions.


Ordering vodka online can be easy and convenient. Many alcohol delivery services have a website or app that allows you to place an order. For example, CWS, which offers a wide selection of vodka, offers an easy-to-navigate website with convenient shopping options. Once you have chosen your drinks, simply add them to your shopping cart and go to check-out.

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