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Tips To Improve E-Commerce Website Design

Brajesh Kumar
Tips To Improve E-Commerce Website Design

A good ecommerce website design is essential when creating your online store because it attracts potential customers, provides an enjoyable user experience, and increases sales. Ecommerce design differs from regular website design in that it highlights products and creates a streamlined purchasing experience for your customers.

Selling online is the name of the game these days, and having an online presence is essential even if you’re only focusing on your local area. Many people prefer to buy items online, so not being available online limits your opportunities to earn more money.

Having an e-commerce website, however, does not guarantee that it will work or be successful. For example, a slow-loading website will not outperform a fast-loading one! So, with that in mind, here are the essential features of your e-commerce website for maximum success:

10 ECommerce Web Design Tips For Improving Your E-Commerce Customer Experience, Content, And Website Design:
  •  Select an eCommerce website development platform
  •  Data and information security
  •  Site performance and SEO
  •  Include real-life testimonials
  •  Secure payment solution
  •  Simple navigation
  •  Provide a variety of customer service functionalities
  •  Search Bar
  •  Product Filtering
  •  Ensure your product information is correct
Choose An ECommerce Website Development Platform

A platform is the framework for your online business. It is one of the first and most crucial stages in the development of an e-commerce website. Any online business must choose the best eCommerce platform. Choose whether you want a self-hosted or a hosted platform for your ecommerce website. When choosing an eCommerce platform, it is critical to consider your company’s needs. Because they typically provide full-featured websites as well as maintenance plans, hosted platforms are frequently preferred.

1.Data And Information Security

When developing an e-commerce website, it is critical to consider the security and safety of user data. Using the HTTPS protocol to encrypt all pages, including the payment information page, will help merchants and their customers build trust. This will also help to safeguard the customer’s personal information. Payment transactions require an extremely high level of security. For added security, include options to prevent vital data, such as credit card information, from being stored on the website.

2.Site Performance And SEO

Examine the services provided by each agency. Which of them corresponds to your objectives? This will aid in narrowing your search and identifying the best SEO agencies for your requirements.

Determine which aspects of your online presence require improvement. Begin by conducting a digital marketing competitive analysis.

Do you require a new website or simply want to improve your current SEO strategies?For example, if a company decides that it needs a new website, they need to know how that will be accomplished. WordPress is currently a popular option. However, before selecting a WordPress theme, consider the following factors:

• Theme compatibility with devices

• Browser performance

• Plugin integrations

• SEO friendliness

• Ease of customization

• Update availability

3.Include Testimonies From Real People

Aside from the preceding suggestion, including testimonials and product reviews is an excellent way to engage with social media and alleviate consumer concern. Because e-commerce does not allow people to try on items before purchasing them, providing genuine customer reviews is an excellent way to help visitors overcome their apprehension about shopping online.

Businesses can accomplish this by encouraging customers to leave feedback on the product and the store, as well as including social media comments on the product page. Because most customers nowadays trust other buyers more than a company’s product information, social proof is an important factor in persuading visitors to continue to the checkout page.

4. Secure Payment Solution

You’ll almost certainly want to accept payments if you’re selling a product or service. So, whether you have an e-commerce site or not, you should consider a secure payment solution.

Accepting payments online is best accomplished through PayPal and other secure payment solutions. Furthermore, millions of people trust them, so you don’t have to worry about security. So, if you run an e-commerce site, use a secure payment method.

5.Straight Forward Navigation

One of the most important aspects of a website is navigation. If you’re new to e-commerce, keep your site simple, well-organized, and easy to navigate. Your products should be easy to find and describe in detail.

Your e-commerce site doesn’t need a lot of bells and whistles. It is simply unnecessary. As a result, make sure the navigation is simple and clear, that the site loads quickly and performs well, and that you provide the information those customers want and expect.

6.Offer A Variety Of Customer Service Functionalities

Simplify your checkout process and website navigation to make it easier for your customers to contact you. Make a ‘contact us’ page that includes your customer service information. Consider adding a live chat feature, an automated chat bot, social media integration, and a FAQs section.

7.Search Bar

Many of your website visitors will most likely be looking for a specific product when they visit your site.

With a search bar, they can quickly find the product they want without having to scroll through pages of irrelevant information.

If a user can’t quickly find a way to search your site for the product they want, they’ll go elsewhere.

Your search bar should be near the top of your website, often in the right hand corner, to make it as quick and easy to find as possible.

8.Allow Users To Filter Products

You can improve your ecommerce site’s search features by including filters in search bars.

Nothing is more aggravating than finding the ideal pair of shoes online only to discover that the store does not stock your size.

The most effective way to avoid this trap is to allow users to filter your products. Popular search filters include size, colour, brand, and price. This allows users to search your website for the product they want while also ensuring that the results they see are as relevant to their search as possible.

9. Ensure Your Product Information Is Accurate

Whatever your website visitors and customers are looking for, make sure you only provide accurate information.

1.Inventory/warehouse levels

2.Product descriptions

3.Product imagery, videos, and other media

It will be advantageous to have a fantastic Product Information Management (PIM) system that is integrated with your commerce and ERP solutions.


There are numerous factors that contribute to the success of an e-commerce website, but these are the most important. So, if your website is under performing, double-check that all of the above is in place. If something is missing, make it right! Having said that, developing an e-commerce website is not simple. As a result, we recommend contacting professional web designers for assistance. With their help, you can have a fully functional e-commerce website that promotes your company and leads to success.

Solution Nexxt is a local web design firm that works with small Indiana businesses to create high-quality websites for busy leaders. Work with us today if you require web development services for your e-commerce website!

Brajesh Kumar
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