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What Should You Put Your Air Conditioner On In The Summer?

Eliza Beth
What Should You Put Your Air Conditioner On In The Summer?

With rising temperatures in Texas, every house or office needs an air conditioner to maintain a cool and relaxing temperature indoors. Everyone is trying to find an answer to just one question, "what temperature should I set my air conditioner on in summer?" 

The temperature can significantly affect mood, health, sleep, and productivity. That's why it is essential to set the thermostat in the right setting. 

What Should Be The Temperature During The Day?

Don't let the high temperature and heat surge into a thermostat war. The indoor temperature should be just enough to keep your family cool and comfortable.

The U.S. Department of Energy recommends that the thermostat setting be set at 78 degrees during summer days. It helps save energy because the closer you stay to the outdoor temperature, the less energy is consumed. 

The air conditioner helps escape the sweltering heat of Texas. However, if your air conditioner doesn't blow out cold air even when set on the right temperature, or if your AC unit shows any other signs of issues, you must immediately contact an Air Conditioning Service Bellaire, TX. A well-maintained air conditioning unit will keep you from getting sweaty all summer long. 

What Should Be The Temperature At Night?

When you sleep at night, you might feel like cranking up the AC for a good sleep. AC experts recommend a cooler temperature than what we feel comfortable in during the day. 

Stafford Services recommends the thermostat be set between 60 and 67 degrees during the night for optimal sleep. However, if you notice a rise in electric bills due to this, you can try turning the temperature up every night till you find the temperature that best suits you. You can also use the dehumidifier to keep the indoor temperature cool while saving energy. 

What Should Be The Temperature When You're Not At Home?

It would be best if you turned up the temperature while away from home for a day. If you have pets, they can be comfortable in temperatures as high as 83 degrees. When you are away, the thermostat should be set at a temperature that can prevent your house from becoming scorching hot and also prevent you from high energy bills.

Keeping the AC turned on when not at home is important to prevent the appliance's wear and tear and maintain the humidity levels. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, turning your thermostat down by 7 to 10 degrees for 8 hours a day can help save around 10% on your energy bill. 

You can switch off your AC if you're away for a long time. If you have a smart AC, you can schedule the AC to turn back on an hour before you get home so you can return to your comfortable environment.

During summers, people tend to crank up their AC, but a thermostat set at the recommended settings and the right temperature can help save on energy bills.


You can learn more about the smart AC for the perfect summer from the best Air Conditioning Contractor Bellaire TX. Connect with Stafford Services at (713) 667-3281 for all your HVAC services today.

Eliza Beth
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