Knowing The Merits Of Video Marketing With Uzair Kharawala

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Video marketing plays an integral role in the marketing and branding of your company. Whether you have a small company or a multinational corporation, video marketing helps you increase your brand recognition and image.

Want to know tips and tricks from the king of video marketing?

Uzair has been an expert in this field for quite some time and has helped many individuals understand video marketing, particularly YouTube and Google Ads. Let’s learn more about what Uzair has to say about the merits of video marketing and the team-building process.

Initial Journey

Before going into the details, let’s first understand how Uzair became famous as a Google Ads expert. To this question, he responded that his expertise in Google Ads has helped him come this far.

Above all, Uzair focused on the newer version of Google Ads and studied the changes thoroughly. Later he started to tell people about these changes in Google Ads and how they could make the most out of it, thus making him a famous name in Google Ads.

Building A Team

Building a business in this hyper-competitive environment takes a lot of time and dedication. Most importantly, building the right team is imperative that can help you grow your business in the long run. It is a challenge for many entrepreneurs to find the right team that can elevate their business.

Also, you need to be a master of the things that you are offering. That was what Uzair said that you might be slow initially, but you need to know what you are doing to build a team and get the best work from them. He shared his personal experience about how he started and developed his team today.

Another thing to note is that you don’t need to find the right people in the first go. You might have to let go of some people who are not the right fit for your team or don’t share the same vision as yours. But, this is something that shouldn’t hold you back.

Uzair emphasises how you might end up with the wrong people, but with time you can develop a straightforward process that allows you to filter out the best people for your team. Though you might get lucky sometimes, the focus should be on working hard rather than relying on luck.

Who Can Use Video Marketing?

Many small businesses or entrepreneurs still don’t realise the potential that video marketing offers. They tend to give excuses that they are camera shy. Or they believe that video marketing requires a large setup with adequate lighting, sound system, etc.

Uzair recommends that every business utilise video marketing as it is a vital tool to help you grow your business. The primary objective is to deliver a solution for many people’s problems instead of having a fancy setup.

Video Marketing As A Service

When asked about video marketing as a service, Uzair responded that he primarily consults his clients for organic growth through videos. The consultation allows the clients to find the right direction for content creation, and they can utilise it to build a team.

How To Start As A Beginner With Video Marketing?

Many people starting from scratch might not know where to start with their journey. Uzair gave some tips: you should try to keep things as simple as possible, have clear audio, have decent video quality and lighting, and you are pretty much ready to go.

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