The Best Qualities Of A Professional Wedding DJ

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When hiring a DJ for your wedding, there are numerous things you need to consider. Some people create a playlist and use automated software search as virtual DJ but this is not recommended if you want your wedding to be great and stand out. Anyone can create a playlist but your wedding requires more skills. It is not enough to create an incredible playlist full of trending songs. There are other things you should do as a wedding DJ. Here are some of the best qualities that every DJ should have.


Great personality

The personality of a DJ determines their success level. A wedding reception can last an average of six hours. You don’t want to hang out with someone who gives you a hectic time. People like good vibes and it is therefore important for a wedding DJ to keep a positive outlook during the event. A DJ should be able to relate with both children and adults. They should respond to questions nicely and be lovable.


Great communication skills

Good communication skills are a great quality that every wedding DJ should have. If the wedding DJ starts ghosting you just a few days before your wedding, it could give you a heart attack. You do not want to wait longer than 24 hours to get a response from your wedding DJ. A good DJ should reply within 30 minutes if possible. Part of the reasons why couples book DJs for their wedding is because DJs can give quality advice concerning the wedding.



When choosing a DJ for hire, you need to choose a flexible DJ. Some DJs are not flexible and this means that they are not ideal for your event. You can prepare for days but you never know what will happen at the wedding until it happens. As a DJ, you might need to do some last-minute changes to your playlist. You can even be told that the location has changed. You need to be positive about these changes and adjust accordingly. If you fail to adjust, you might not be the right DJ for your client.



The more experienced a wedding DJ is, the less likely he is to slip up during the wedding. At a certain point, being a wedding DJ becomes natural. You will find yourself going into the flow and even forgetting that you are working. Couples are likely to hire a DJ that has played at their venues before.



A wedding DJ should be versatile to keep the dance floor packed. One of the reasons why weddings are special is because the DJ can play a wide range of songs from different decades and genres. Unless the bride and the groom tell the DJ otherwise, the DJ can mix and match songs to keep the dancefloor full.



When hiring a DJ, it is important to hire a DJ who is passionate about their work. Passion is one of the things you cannot teach but you can easily notice passion.

Melbourne DJ Hire
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