Which is the Best Lab in Delhi for a Full Body Health Checkup?

Yash Arora

Are you taking enough care of your health?

The answer is always a NO because we somewhere tend to ignore our health to a great extent. Are you even aware of the increasing health issues in India? Health problems are increasing day by day, and one of the reasons is the negligence of health. 

With increasing health problems, medical labs are coming up with new kinds of health check-up packages. Keep scrolling down to learn about the type of health package and its importance. 

Besides, this blog also gives a brief on how can you keep yourself healthy. 

Different Kinds of Health Packages 

The different kinds of health packages are given below:- 

Vital Screening Package

Vital Screening Package consists of 81 essential tests that include Complete Blood Count Test, Liver Function Test, Kidney Function Test, Urine Routine & Microscopic Examination, and Lipid Profile Test. 

Smart Full Body Checkup 

A Smart Full Body Checkup has 85 essential tests like Complete Hemogram test, Thyroid Profile Test, Urine Routine & Microscopy, Liver Function Tests, Kidney Function Tests, Lipid Profile Test, and Blood Sugar Fasting test. 

Smart Full Body Checkup with RA Factor 

The Smart Full-Body Checkup with RA factor is a Complete Body Checkup to give you a comprehensive update on your health. It has 86 tests such as the Thyroid Profile Test, Complete Blood Count test, LIPID Profile Test, Urine Routine & Microscopy Examination, Blood Sugar Fasting + RA factor, and Kidney and Liver Function Tests. 

Advance Full Body Checkup 

The Advance Full Body Checkup has 91 vital tests to review your health conditions. It consists of 93 tests Thyroid Profile Test, HbA1c, Complete Blood Count test, Liver and Kidney Function test, Lipid Profile test, Blood Sugar Fasting test, Urine Routine & Microscopy, Vitamin B12 and D test, Total-25 Hydroxy and Iron studies test. 

Complete Hemogram Test 

Your blood health is essential, and a Complete Hemogram Test consists of a Complete Blood Count Test and erythrocyte sedimentation rate test to give the status of your blood health. The Complete Hemogram Test gives the number of blood components in the body. 

Fever Panel With Covid-19 RT 

The fever panel consists of all necessary tests along with the Covid-19 RT Test to know whether your body is attacked with the Covid virus. Along with the other important tests gives you a quick update on your overall health condition. 

Diabetes Screening Test 

A Diabetes Screening Test or Blood Sugar Fasting Test is essential for those dealing with diabetes. They need to get daily updates on their blood sugar level of the blood to save themselves from other health risks like a heart attack or stroke. Besides, they also need to control the blood pressure of the body as it increases the chance of diabetes. 

Weight Management Screening Test 

Obesity is the sole cause of increasing health problems. Therefore, one needs to manage their weight level by daily exercise and have a good diet. Along with this, they also need to visit the doctor for a Weight Management Screening Test to keep an eye on the weight level of the body. 

Blood Pressure Screening Test 

Increased blood pressure can be due to increasing weight and other factors, which could lead to a rise in cholesterol levels in the body and also lead to diabetes. Hence, it is essential to get your blood pressure checked with the help of a Blood Pressure Screening Test. 

Allergy Screening Package

Increasing pollution is the cause of dust and skin allergies. To recognize the type of skin dust allergy, you need to go or the Allergy Screening Package. This package will inform you about skin diseases or sort of allergies prevailing in the body. 

How to Keep Your Health In Good State? 

There are certain tips to keep your health in a good state. Here are some tips, take a look:-

Eating Right Food and In the Right Quantity

Eating the right foods in the right quantity is essential for keeping your health on good terms. Your diet must contain all the necessary nutrients to stay fit and healthy. 

Drinking Water 

Water helps in maintaining the metabolism rate of the body and also keeps you safe from dehydration. Drinking water in adequate quantity is good for the complete health of the body. 


Develop the habit of exercising daily as it helps in regulating the weight of the body. Regular walking is good for keeping the weight intact and makes you free from any health issues. 

Yoga and Medication

Besides daily exercise, yoga and meditation help in controlling the stress and anxiety levels of the body. Too much anxiety and stress sometimes become the cause of many serious health issues. Yoga and medication can help you regulate stress and anxiety levels to prevent any health issues. 

Concluding Words

Keeping ourselves healthy is our responsibility, and we can’t become careless. Becoming careless could cost us in the long run. Apart from this, you must go for a regular checkup whenever you feel down with some symptoms.

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Yash Arora
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