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Reasons Why Organic Traffic Has Dropped On Your Website

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Reasons Why Organic Traffic Has Dropped On Your Website

It can be quite difficult for websites to get organic traffic with increasing competition. So, to get your website listed in organic searches, you need to up your strategy. One such way is getting a Search Engine Optimization Agency to help you out with this. These agencies take into account various factors to help you out with increasing your organic traffic.

Here are some of the factors which affect the rate of organic searches your site gets:

  • Your website is not users friendly

Nowadays, websites are not just places where people can find information quickly. With the increase in competition, the websites need to be informative, engaging and entertaining to the people visiting them. Some of the things that a user-friendly site has include compatibility with mobile phones. People use their smartphones more than their PCs. Therefore, you need to ensure that your website is such that you can use it on a smartphone. This will increase your profitability and also your consumer base. 

If you make your site such that it is not compatible with smartphones, then it will decrease your user base. Even if the content quality of your site is really good, you still will not garner a lot of audiences. They would rather prefer a site that has much less hassle. Since Google focuses a lot on its mobile users, you need to ensure that your website fits the criteria. You need to make sure that the interface of your site is not too complicated.

  • There are too many broken links

When it comes to increasing the organic SEO of your website, broken links can prove to be a major hindrance to that. It is like you are making promises to your users and not following up on them. The user might follow the link and end up nowhere. An ideal website should be well-maintained. This means you need to audit your site now and then. With the help of that, you can figure out which links in your website are broken. 

The best way to fix a problem like this is to use various tools available. One such tool is Google Analytics. It is quite helpful in letting you track the broken links in your site and tells you months before it. You can also hire an SEO services Company to help you out with that.

  • Your target keywords are difficult

One of the major factors which can affect your SEO score is the keyword that you use. Google has this option where it ranks your keyword. Unless your website is new and not quite authoritative, then you will lose out on that ranking. To solve this problem, you can use websites like SEO services York to help you out with that. Sites like these help you out by ranking your keyword difficulty. This tool is user-friendly and quite reasonably priced too. You can just enter your keyword and rank its difficulty.

  • Your website lacks backlinks

There are a lot of sites that have a record of successfully thriving even without a backlink. When any website has a backlink, it automatically increases its credibility in front of Google. Backlinks can significantly impact your ranking, and you must not take this for granted. Sites with good ranks have a top-quality website as well as credible backlinks. You can find a lot of unique as well as local SEO tools which can help you out with issues like these.

  • A Badly executed SEO strategy

One deal-breaker when it comes to creating organic traffic is a bad SEO strategy. People often stuff keywords together in a way that the content becomes unreadable. Uniform distribution of keywords is very important. Apart from that, there needs to be internal and external linking, pictures, and many more things. The quality of the content, at the end of the day, matters the most. You need to make sure that the content is readable or not.

  • The industry trends surrounding organic search

Google trends can create a scaling system for trending keywords, industries, subject matters, etc. A lot of time, people fall short when it comes to following the industry trends. You can search for a specific product on Google trends. You can then see how the search interest in these products changes over time. You can use the tool and can also see the declining trends of certain keywords. With the help of this, you can establish what keywords you need to keep up with the changing trends. 

One thing that you need to know is that there is no shortcut to increasing website traffic. You need to make sure that you understand why the traffic isn’t good enough. You need to incorporate certain strategies and make sure that you stay informed. After all, it takes time to increase your online visibility.

There is no better move than hiring a professional SEO company. Boost your organic traffic with Eco York’s comprehensive search engine optimization services. Get in touch with us if you would like to benefit from our marketing consultants expertise.

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