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This sedge is also known as Carex stricta and is an ornamental grass that can grow in ponds or be used in rainscaping. Below is more information about the beautiful tussock sedge.

Tussock Sedge Information

The sedge grows in USDA Zones 5-8 and is native to the middle and eastern parts of the United States and Canada. It can grow in other areas with suitable soil, water, and sun requirements. 

Tussocks grow in meadows, savannahs, wetlands, prairies, and other wet environments. The sedge is a great plant to add to a water feature or pond with other water plants. 

Characteristics of the Sedge

Carex Stricta grows three to four feet tall and three or four feet wide. It can grow taller if in a wet area. The plant gets its name from the mounded clumps called tussocks that grow just above water level.

New leaves grow in a bright, green color, while older leaves fade to a pale cream color and hang below the newer leaves. 

Rhizomes underground grow colonies that can quickly populate one area. In the wild, these colonies become shelters for water birds that live in the area.

These grassy plants grow from rhizomes into numerous culms above the ground. The thin leaves spill out from the middle like a green fountain. Small flowers form in the spring for an exciting look above the leaves.

Sedge Flowers

The sedge's flowers grow at the top of the blades of grass and are known as inflorescences. These flower stalks grow sharp seed clusters and are chocolate brown.

These attractive flowers can be cut and added to a mix of other flowers for a bouquet to enjoy in your home. The flowers can also be dried and used in home decor arrangements.

Carex Stricta Care

The sedge can grow well in shallow water but can also grow in areas with drought, as long as the weather changes quickly. When growing in a garden, the clump can be cut back in early spring to encourage new growth for the year. 

These water plants are resistant to pests, deer, and other wildlife that would otherwise eat them. 

How to Grow the Tussock Sedge

Sedge grows best in whole or part sun in wet or moist soil. It makes a great water feature plant and can be grown with similar plants like Aster puniceus Scirpus cyperinus and Iris virginica.

Grow a clump in a shallow pond, use it as ground cover, or in rainscaping to make the most out of this plant.

Sedges attract all kinds of wildlife that are typical for wet areas. These include various waterbirds, turtles, moths, and butterflies. Some caterpillars make their home on sedges and turn into beautiful butterflies and moths you can enjoy in your landscape and garden.

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