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Why Is Silver Wholesale Jewelry So Attractive

Why Is Silver Wholesale Jewelry So Attractive

Silver wholesale jewelry is always the jewelry store’s biggest seller. It seems like silver jewelry has a mystical appeal to us. As a fine precious metal dating back to about 3000 BC, our fascination with it has never vanished. Actually, it is not just due to its charming shiny luster, but also its magical effects on health.

However, since pure silver is too soft to be used in daily life. Sterling silver has become the most common and popular material for most silver wholesale jewelry. With rich styles and good durability, silver wholesale jewelry has always dominated the wholesale jewelry market.

However, compared with other jewelry metals, why is silver so popular and deeply loved by so many people? If you are a silver wholesale jewelry lover, then this blog will tell you everything about it. Let’s have a look.

History of silver

The earliest silver jewelry in human history were founded in the ancient Mediterranean region. Not only does silver have gone through a long life, but also become one of the carriers of multicultural communication.

In the 15th century, the Europeans discovered the New World, and they brought back large quantities of precious metals including silver and gold from North America. As a result, England enjoys the great advance in silver manufacturing technology at that time, thus becoming a major city of silver production. Over the same period, Spain is also an important share of the silver market for its huge silver ore and colonies.

By the 20th century, Italy had emerged as the world leader in silver manufacturing. In the 1990s, Italy processed thousands of tons of silver on average a year, 60 percent of which was exported to the different part of the world.

Unique features of silver

Shiny metallic luster

Freshly polished silver is particularly bright, shining with a silvery metallic sheen. As one of the shiniest among the metals, silver is a popular and excellent material for various jewelry designs. Meanwhile, it is also the whitest metal. However, when exposed to air, it will quickly produce a layer of black oxide to tarnish the shiny surface.

Suitable for matching

Silver wholesale jewelry pieces have a bright shiny luster, however, they are not showy. That is also to say, silver is suitable for matching any kind of other metals and clothes. Therefore, when you want to layer your jewelry or match it with clothes, silver can be a perfect choice, which will not clash with your clothing but enhances the wearer’s unique charm.

Low hardness

Just as we mentioned before, pure silver is soft, which is easy to be scratched or damaged. To make it more suitable for daily use, silver is usually combined with other metals like copper, platinum, and zinc to improve its durability. Therefore, most silver wholesale jewelry pieces are sterling silver, which is also called 925 silver. It strengthens the silver without losing the metal’s incredible shine.

Common types of silver wholesale jewelry

Knowing the differences between different silver wholesale jewelry can help you make informed choices when purchasing. In general, there are 4 common types:

Fine silver wholesale jewelry

For fine silver, the pure silver content can achieve 99.9%. Such jewelry usually has a bright white color which is very delicate and soft. Therefore, it is easy to form into other shapes. If you want to source fine silver wholesale jewelry, it would be better to choose those small jewelry pieces like earrings and rings. Otherwise, with improper care, it can lose its color and shape very easily.

Features and stamp:

-Bright white luster

-Soft texture


-.999 or 999FS

Sterling silver wholesale jewelry

Sterling silver, or 925 silver, usually has 92.5% pure silver combined with 7.5% other alloys. With beautiful luster, sterling silver wholesale jewelry is the most popular choice for many wholesale jewelry buyers. Not only is it very durable and wearable, but also very fashionable and easy to match.

Features and stamp:


-Suitable for daily wear

-Typically hypoallergenic

- .925, .925 STG

Silver-plated wholesale jewelry

Silver-plated jewelry has a thin layer of silver on the surface over a base metal like copper. The layer looks like real silver. However, the pure silver content is very little. Most people will buy silver plated wholesale jewelry due to its affordable prices and fashion styles. However, it is not suitable for long-term wear.

Features and stamp:


-Not durable

-Not hypoallergenic

-No stamp

Silver-filled wholesale jewelry

The silver content of silver filled wholesale jewelry is generally between 925 silver and silver-plated. Typically, it contains 5-10% pure silver bonded onto the base metal. Such jewelry can be an alternative to 925 silver jewelry, however, the purchase for such jewelry is not very high.

Features and stamp:

- Affordable

- Not durable

- Not hypoallergenic

- No stamp

Top popular styles of silver wholesale jewelry right now

Keeping yourself updated with current fashion jewelry trend is of vital importance. For most jewelry buyers, they are more likely to make purchases online and inclined to social media platforms. So, we’ve collected the most famous and hot-selling silver wholesale jewelry styles for you to choose. All of them are from Jewelrykg, which is a leading professional wholesale jewelry platform in China. Let’s have a look.

Leaf silver rings

Pendant silver necklaces

Flower silver stud earrings

Gemstone silver bracelets

Pearl silver brooches



How to earn profits by selling silver wholesale jewelry?

So, why Jewelrykg can be your first priority for wholesale jewelry selection? Why not other jewelry wholesale suppliers?

A huge benefit you can enjoy from Jewelrykg, is buying wholesale jewelry by kilogram.

This can be a huge advantage for you to gain high quality fashion wholesale jewelry with low prices.

Since 2020, Jewelrykg identified that, it is hard for people to buy good affordable wholesale jewelry from online jewelry platforms. Some famous online platforms like Amazon and AliExpress, they are flooded with all kinds of jewelry wholesale suppliers who sell jewelry at low prices. But the quality cannot be guaranteed.

To tackle this problem, Jewelrykg launched a new sales model: jewelry wholesale by kilogram. One kilogram will contain 100-350 pieces of jewelry. The jewelry is randomly placed in the package, and the price is calculated according to the weight. What’s more, you can enjoy an interesting blind box experience.



Benefits of buying jewelry wholesale by kilo

High quality

First of all, the quality is ensured. For example, if you want to buy those cheap bulk jewelry in the market, you are very easily to get defective goods with obvious scratches or damages. However, when you buy jewelry by wight from Jewelrykg, then all the jewelry pieces are of the top quality and high craftsmanship.

Much more cost-saving

Buying jewelry in bulk is already a very cost-effective way of buying. However, buying jewlery by kilogram is much more cost-effective than that. With high cost performance, you can get more room for profits and price advantages to compete with your competitors.

Exciting experience

Just as we mentioned before, Jewelrykg provides jewelry blind boxes. All the hot-selling fine jewelry will be put in the packages, when you receive them, you will be amazed at those stunning wholesale jewelry pieces. What’s more, jewelry in each package are of the same type. For example, if you choose to buy necklaces, there will never be other categories like rings in the package.


Other benefits you can get from Jewelrykg:

No MOQ requirement, 1 piece is also wholesale price

Get full refunds within 15 days

Top quality, no rust, no oxidation

Diversified product styles

Independent packages

Complete after-sales system

Professional Customization

Support 24/6


Final thoughts

If you want to look for more information, you can look for our previous blogs to find more useful tips about silver wholesale jewelry. We share with you the latest wholesale jewelry information and update daily. If you think this article can give you some helpful information, leave us a comment and let us know! Your support is our best motivation.

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