All you need to know about the most trending brand - Meshki


Natalie Khoei and Shadi Kord, two Australian-Persian professional women, founded the fast fashion brand Meshki, which is available exclusively online in Australia. A significant proportion of Meshki's sales are made abroad; the company has more than 500,000 clients and sells its products to more than 150 nations. They are a fast-fashion company because they release new designs on the website more often than 3x annually.

Additional bases say that Meshki is a fashion brand

  • Meshki's message is centered on empowering women. According to its fabricated About page, the Meshki girl is strong-willed, self-assured, and fashionable. You cannot buy your way to challenging gender or self-reliance, and this should raise serious red flags.
  • According to a ranking system for sustainable fashion, Meshki offers 'inadequate necessary information about how it decreases its effect on people, the earth, or wildlife. 

Discount codes & offers for Meshki

When purchasing from Meshki.com, there are numerous ways to get a deal. The business has updated its deals, discounts, and promotional codes for 2022. By utilizing these deals, you may now save up to 90%. On the other hand, first-time customers can all receive up to 10% off on their initial order. Students can also get 10% off of several things. Well, the list is enormous, so you should look it over before making any purchases.

Now let's have a look at the reasons to shop from Meshki

1. All sizes are offered

This shop is for you if you're looking for the ideal fit. Both slender and curvaceous women can wear a wide range of sizes. To determine which size fits you the best, you can also refer to a sizing chart. You'll be taken care of by Meshki.

2. Inexpensive items

In this store, high-end clothing isn't expensive, contrary to the common misconception. The highest quality products are available here for reasonable costs. You can now seem stylish and upscale without spending a fortune.

3. Shipping

You won't have to wait for so long because packages are sent as promptly as feasible. Have you got a special event? Soon, shop at Meshki's online store to get more for less money. For purchasers from other countries, there is good news! Additionally, they offer international shipping. Now, you can purchase Meshki clothing in any part of the world.

4. Meshki customer support

You may always rely on a customer support team to assist them in selecting the ideal dress and fit. They can also answer any inquiries you may have on a product. They're prepared to assist you.

5. Get the best discounts

Last but not least, this online shop provides the biggest discounts on its goods. To keep your closet updated, there are substantial reductions on the newest styles.

6. Buy gift cards for your loved ones (a bonus reason)

Giving gifts to your loved ones is the greatest pleasure there is. The business provides a selection of gift cards so you can surprise your beloved. Visit the website right away to purchase the ideal gift card for your loved ones.

Is this online store Meshki a reliable place to shop?

With over thousands of ratings, this online retailer has a 4.7-star rating on Trustpilot. The store has received the highest customer service ratings from customers. The customer support staff responds fast and aids clients in resolving issues. Another consumer noted that the items are of high quality.

How sustainable is Meshki?

The environmental effects of its business operations are something that Meshki, a fashion company, is very conscious of. All of its goods are created with eco-friendly components. To reduce waste, the company also employs a closed-loop production process.

Additionally, Meshki invests in projects utilizing renewable energies and grows a tree for each product it sells to offset carbon emissions. Meshki is a very responsible company as more than just a result.

Additionally, the business promotes fair trade principles that guarantee workers receive a fair salary for their employment. Additionally, Meshki provides a lifetime warranty on every one of its goods. If a consumer is dissatisfied with an item, they can return it at any point.

There is always an opportunity for improvement, though. Meshki, for instance, may use more reusable content in their goods. By transporting items closer to clients, businesses might further cut their carbon footprint. But overall, Meshki is doing a fantastic job of running sustainably.

How ethical is Meshki?

Concerns have generally been raised about Meshki's manufacturing and business operations. Recently, the company has faced criticism for allegedly stealing designs from smaller fashion houses.

The business has refuted all accusations of impropriety. However, other designers have offered instances of Meshki goods that appear to be copies of their creations. Despite having flaws, Meshki is striving to advance the fashion business in several ways. For customers to understand what they're purchasing, it needs to provide them more visibility into its procedures.

Where does it source clothing?

Where does it get its clothes from?

The company purchases its clothing from a variety of domestic and international vendors. To guarantee that all clothing meets high standards, Meshki's designers collaborate closely with these manufacturers.

In addition to purchasing apparel from vendors, Meshki also produces some of its apparel. As a result, the brand can have more control over the manufacturing process. Additionally, the firm can guarantee that all clothes satisfy rigid quality requirements. Meshki can provide fashionable, well-made clothes to its clients at a reasonable rate in terms.

Is Meshki a worthwhile investment?

Check out Meshki if you're seeking reasonably priced, fashionable clothes. The Australian company offers a selection of reasonably priced items suitable for both professional and informal settings.

Additionally, they have fantastic customer service and their sizing is accurate. But before you buy something, there are a few things to keep in mind. However, Meshki doesn't provide free returns, so if you're dissatisfied with your item, you'll have to pay for postage costs. Also, keep in mind that it could take as long as two weeks for some things to reach.

Nevertheless, Meshki is a great choice for people on a tight budget with a desire for stylish attires.


Overall, Meshki is a fast-fashion company that provides you with contemporary styles at a reasonable price. Meshki is the best option if you like to rotate your clothes every two weeks.

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