How Changing Techniques Effect Your B2B Marketing

Sharon Hook

Marketing is definitely no game. Simply ask a marketer and you’ll find out the hurdles they deal with to take a business towards success. We are not referring to any regular online marketing, but this information is about B2B digital marketing. Marketers literally have to showcase their creativity while juggling with different strategy development and that too within the budget.

Looks like now you can relate to the level of difficulty! Let’s dig deeper for a clear understanding of distinct B2B online marketing techniques and how bringing a change in them can be beneficial.  

What is B2B Marketing and How is it Different From B2C marketing? 


When a marketing strategy is formulated by a business to facilitate a business then it is referred to as B2B marketing. The goal of such businesses is to sell products or provide services to other businesses. There is no involvement of individual consumers or customers, and goods are sold to other companies only.

For instance- we can refer to an example of a coworking space or business card printing service, wherein one business is created to help other businesses. There is a significant difference between B2B digital marketing and B2C marketing. Let’s find out- 

To begin with, we can talk about the goals. Yes, the goal of B2B marketing is to enhance the ROI and expertise of the fellow business whereas B2C marketing is about providing good deals to the customers. Purchase motivation differs highly as businesses work by logic and customers are more emotional. There is no compulsion for information or education in B2C marketing. However, B2B marketing cannot function without wholesome content.

B2B associations are usually long-term ones and involve various people in deal finalizations. But B2C is quite direct and just involves the customer who can stay loyal or sometimes chooses to make a one-time purchase only. In short, the difference between these two types of marketing is based on the audience.  

Make Your Way Towards B2B Digital Marketing Like a Pro


Online marketing is quite different from conventional ones. There is a significant requirement for research about brands, scientific studies, and industry updates to make well-informed decisions. This further contributes to turning a regular strategy into a specialized technique which is also niche targeting.

Deciding a specific niche and targeting the same allows a business to be the leader in its domain instead of making efforts and getting nothing out of it. Trust us, marketing gets a lot easier when the niche is decided especially in this competitive online marketing world.  

Moving further, we cannot emphasize more the importance of a responsive website for online marketing. This critical tool acts as a business card and demonstrates what your business offers aptly. Do you know researchers say 80 percent of people look for an official website before taking any services?

Imagine what a robust website and content can do to your business! At the same time, think of what the absence of your business website can do. Therefore, websites play an indispensable role in bringing in qualified leads. After that, it is your duty to nurture that lead and turn it into a conversion.  

Digital marketing services can facilitate you with the best possible search engine optimization facilitation. This will help your business to be in the top searches on Google and other search engines. Your business will display as a result whenever a business or individual will look for services that you provide.

This is the power of targeted keyword phrases. Similarly, your business can benefit a lot from social media as a significant number of people are present there. Having a good social media presence is necessary for any B2B or B2C business. If you are not working on your social media presence, then this is high time to outsource this work to a virtual assistant or get it done yourself.  

Explore Marketing Channels to Use.


In your competitive analysis, you’ll see the different types of marketing channels your competitors use successfully, and the channels they haven’t taken advantage of.

With the previous steps completed to begin building your B2B marketing strategy, this is where you’ll be able to diversify your own B2B marketing portfolio and reach the businesses you need to.

Depending on your customer segments and competitor analysis, explore channels, strategies, and tools to optimize your leads and customer funnel. The following categories are B2B marketing channels bound to connect you to your target audience.

We've talked about how B2B clients are knowledgeable, rational, and eager to learn.

B2B content marketing is the best marketing tool for achieving these goals. A content marketing approach offers relevant information and informs the consumer, which is exactly what B2B clients are seeking for, as opposed to a standard PR marketing plan that interrupts a consumer's daily activities with promotional material.

Not to mention that content marketing helps SEO efforts, which entails predicting the searches of your audience, guiding them to your website and content, and possibly converting them into buyers.  

It's crucial to remember that content marketing works best when you match your material to different phases of the buyer's journey. 

Social Media's Increasing Role in B2B Marketing


Over 59 percent of B2B decision-makers use social media for business purposes at least once each week, and 85% of them use it at least occasionally.

With over 94 percent of Millennials utilising social media for work and more than 75 percent doing so at least frequently, this figure is far higher.

In comparison to failing businesses, winning brands were 65 percent more likely to have communicated with the buyer via social media during the decision-making process. 

Messaging Platforms' Increasing Relevance in B2B Marketing


At least once a week, 29% of B2B decision-makers use messaging services like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp for business purposes

The experience was superior to any other kind of engagement, according to 83 percent of those who said they felt more appreciated when utilising messaging services. 

Emotions' Function in B2B Marketing


Making a final decision on a B2B supplier is challenging, according to 35% of companies with 1,000+ employees. In terms of their propensity to recommend a brand, the majority of low- and mid-value transactions made by B2B customers across all business sizes are either "detractors" or "passive."

Brands must concentrate on developing 4 "Superpowers" to differentiate themselves from the competition and provide the best B2B experience:

 On a corporate level:

  •  Reliability: "A brand that we know will deliver"
  • ·At the corporate level: "Gets my company's needs"
  • ·At the consumer level: Enrichment – "It improves my working life"

Preeminence - "A brand people are proud to work with" at the buyer level 

Is it helpful to make changes in B2B marketing techniques?


Just think whether you can take forward all the strategies of marketing as it is to a new year! Well, maybe some of them might work. But this world impacted by the 2020 pandemic definitely asks for new goals and milestones. Your previously formed strategies of 2019 might not be so effective in this new era created by the pandemic. The remote working world has its own demands and high-functioning marketing strategy requirements.

You ought to make your B2B marketing strong in the digital world as the traditional mode of marketing might not be as effective as in previous times. Some significant marketing strategy changes were witnessed in the restaurant industry as a way to tackle the pandemic. Menus were tapered down, online delivery, virtual assistant outsourcing requirements, and takeout services were added to the existing facilitations by the restaurants to cope with the pandemic.

Just like this, every business model must undergo some changes in order to stay updated with the changes happening around the year.  

Some Tips to Bring a Change in Your Marketing Strategy This Year

  • Check for any change or growth in your audience base. New businesses associating with your business will require new ways of work. Make sure to provide them with all the newness by researching and formulating strategies according. 
  • Upgrade your business technology from time to time but before that do not forget to assess thoroughly. For instance- numerous businesses adopted chatbot facilitation as the need of the hour in this digital world. You can also go fully digital by connecting with a reliable digital marketing services provider. 
  • Sometimes the best solution is to get inspired by other industries. Yes, just like Airbnb (in the travel industry) took the inspiration from event management industry and provided experiences to its customers after the pandemic. 
  • Do you know there are millennials and Gen Z who are and will spend the most money? While formulating your B2B marketing strategy you cannot forget the audience born between 1981 and the mid-nineties and between the 1990s and early 2000s. This is your associated business’s targeted audience in the B2C world. 
  • Never hesitate to form new partnerships while keeping up with the current connections. This hack of availing the opportunities cannot fail and you as a business must tap into the interest of your audience for the ultimate benefit.  

Now, that you know changing the techniques is crucial in the B2B world, it is prominent to know how to get started. Firstly, just find a reliable digital marketing service like Work4You and discuss your business aspirations. With this association, you will be on your way to forming more business connections.

You will form B2B digital marketing strategies by keeping in mind customer pain point research, reviews, and testimonials as per the regular data provided to you. Take this important step today! 


Sharon Hook
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