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A solution (or e-liquid) is heated by electrical devices used in vaping or e-cigarettes to create a vapour that the user inhales or "vapes." To make an aerosol that users may inhale, e-liquids typically include nicotine, propylene glycol, glycerol, and/or flavourings.

Vapes exist in a variety of designs, including devices that resemble conventional cigarettes, refillable cartridge "tank" systems (second generation), and extremely sophisticated devices with larger batteries that enable the power to be adjusted to fit a person's unique vapour requirements (third generation).

Vaping and giving up

• Giving up smoking is the healthiest thing you can

• People who are trying to stop smoking should use vaping.

• If you've tried other methods to stop smoking, vaping might be a possibility for you.

• When you start vaping, get assistance and guidance; doing so will increase your chances of successfully quitting smoking.

• You should cease vaping once you have given up smoking tobacco and are confident that you won't start again. Being vape-free may take some time.

• To lessen the impact from smoking, vapers should strive to entirely give up smoking. You should try to stop vaping as well, ideally.

• Using nicotine e-liquid will increase your chances of success if you're vaping to quit smoking.

• Devices for vaping are consumer goods, not officially recognised quit smoking aids.

Vaping safety, harm, and hazards

• While not completely risk-free, vaping is far less dangerous than smoking.

• People struggle to stop smoking because nicotine is addicting. People can acquire nicotine by vaping without the pollutants created by burning tobacco.

• Nicotine is a reasonably safe substance for smokers, and long-term use of nicotine has negligible to no negative health effects.

• The majority of the negative effects of smoking are produced by the tar and chemicals in tobacco smoke, not the nicotine.

• The long-term health repercussions of vaping are unknown. Any risk assessment, however, must consider the danger of continuing to smoke cigarettes, which are significantly more damaging.

• Safety regulations for vaping goods are being created in New Zealand.

• Vapers should purchase high-quality goods from reliable vendors

• For smokers, nicotine is a largely risk-free drug. Children, neonates, and unborn children are all harmed by it.

• Childproof bottles should be used to store and sell e-liquid.

Advantages of vaping

Vaping can aid some smokers in quitting.

• Vaping is frequently less expensive than smoking.

• While not completely risk-free, vaping is far less dangerous

Yasir moiz
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