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Top 10 Frugal Digital Marketing Strategies

Russell Dalton
Top 10 Frugal Digital Marketing Strategies


Digital marketing has become an integral part of all startups. An effective marketing strategy is critical to surviving in a competitive market. Most brands and startups have opted for digital marketing campaigns over conventional modes in the past decade. A well-thought plan with easy implementation steps will hit the bull’s eye.

Big brands have the power of money to play up with marketing content. However, smaller brands must consider their cost when formulating a digital marketing strategy.

Ten Digital Marketing Strategies To Grow Your Business.

1.  Affiliate Marketing

In the past decade, affiliate marketing proved to be one of the most effective brand strategies. The brand may be big or small, but this simple formula of win-win metrics works well. Since it relies on influencing people, club it with an influencer marketing campaign.

You can also keep track of sales via affiliate links. Tools like google analytics are also effective in generating affiliate links. It helps you track sales generated from various links with performance evaluation. In addition, the use of affiliate recruitment software makes the task easier.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is still effective and gives good dividends. A recent survey shows that e-mail marketing provides more than 120 percent ROI. The practical thing about e-mail marketing is that it is cost-effective and does not waste much of the marketing budget.

Even when email marketing is effective, brands cannot utilize their true potential. A well-thought-out strategy and a workable plan have shown excellent results. The key areas to focus on are – crisp subject lines, plain but persuasive language, well-structured content, and a professional business dealing with embedded signature.

3. Retargeting Marketing

It involves replaying ads on the same platform the consumer has already seen. The idea is to prompt the customer to go with the purchase if he is unsure. It also targets the consumer with the same ads on different channels. It gives you the power of brand appeal influence.

4. Instagram Marketing

Instagram has emerged as a boon for digital marketers. Having an Instagram profile is one way; another is through Instagram ads. Clicking on Instagram ads leads to the e-commerce portal where consumers can purchase directly.

Instagram ads give the advantage of leading customers to the e-commerce portal without filtering over Instagram profiles. This way, you can target specific groups that fit on your radar. Interestingly, Instagram ads run through the Facebook portal, with over 500 targeting options.

5. Google Ads

Google ads work with the clause of pay-per-click. It may be risky if the target audiences do not convert to clients with a click ratio. However, it is an excellent option for making sales-ready leads. Successful brands cannot ignore Google ad words.

There are many advantages of Google ads, like targeting customers at the right time, high ROI, and controlling your budget. In addition, it gives you data insights to make correct marketing strategies. In many ways, Google ads prove to be more beneficial as compared to PPC campaigns.

6. SEO 

The importance of SEO will always be on top priority in digital marketing campaigns. Website design or service pages may not yield desired results without SEO content. There are plenty of competitors in your niche; this is where keywords and SEO play an important role.

SEO builds your branding and increases traffic on your web page. Any brand to do well must have a higher ranking on search results. Hiring a good SEO company is a good move towards a frugal digital marketing strategy.

7. Influencer Marketing

Another proven strategy to boost digital presence is through influencer marketing. Influencers have many followers, and the right influencer can help your brand grow. More than 75 percent of brands are in tie-ups with influencers to promote their business.

Influencer marketing is economical as compared to traditional marketing techniques. Customers find influencers more authentic, and the marketing strategy is easy to implement. Customers have become resistant to conventional marketing and depend more on specific influencers.

8. Network Campaigns

Network campaigns like Yahoo and Bing are another excellent option for digital marketers. Some may feel this option doesn't work for new startups, but it is a myth. Bing and Yahoo have an internet search share of more than 40 percent.

There are various search modes on Bing like Siri, amazon, kindle, Twitter, and Xbox. Interestingly the cost of pay per click is lower compared to Google. Network campaigns also fill in the gaps that may be created by focusing on select modes most marketers opted for.

9. Content Marketing 

Digital marketers cannot ignore content marketing. The best content marketing approach is to map your buyer's journey. Creating meaningful content in and around the customer journey map is the best technique for fruitful results.

Content marketing strategy gives you enhanced visibility for your brand. It also provides a lasting relationship with customers, along with brand recognition. Lastly, it builds credibility and brand authority in the market.

10. Referrals

Referrals are an age-old strategy that works equally well today. The only difference is referrals are tagged with bonus points, cash credits, or loyalty points. Brands must share referral codes with customers, encouraging them to publicize their brand and enhancing loyalty.

Automation tools like 'InviteReferrals help maintain a steady referral program. The device helps set up a referral program on social media, mobile apps, and websites. In addition, you get in-depth insight from analytics about the performance of your referral program.


Content marketing, Google AdWords, and social media marketing are the three best digital marketing strategies to adopt by any brand. The main factor you need to consider while framing a digital marketing strategy is cost. Keeping a simple, workable plan is the best option. In addition, SEO cannot be ignored and needs implementation with any marketing strategy. SEO must go alongside ads, content marketing, and social media marketing.

Russell Dalton
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