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The Green Corner

Everyone would like to have a well-kept garden full of gorgeous flowers and plants. Gardens provide natural aesthetics that lend the surroundings a completely new feel and look. The vast majority of Singaporeans live in high-rise residential complexes. Many people have resorted to growing plants in plastic plant pots. But, plastic pots merely add to a location's visual appeal. It's not the same as having the sense of a genuine garden. Meanwhile, apartment dwellers are increasingly resorting to wall planters.


Many online stores have come up that do plant delivery. Singapore is home to a lot of plant lovers who are increasingly resorting to buying ornamental, therapeutic, and aesthetic plants to pep up their living rooms and offices.


Wall Planters

Wall planters are an inexpensive way to spruce up your décor. Wall planters may be as little as a photo frame or as large as a 70-foot-wide mantelpiece. A wall planter is a container for growing plants that may be hung or fixed on a wall inside or outside your home. You may construct a vertical garden by using several wall planters in one place, and when you include actual plants, you can gain additional health advantages such as enhanced air quality as well as mental well-being. Aside from the health advantages, wall planters enhance the visual appeal of your home.


The Concept of Vertical Gardens

Vertical gardens and wall planters have been popular since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Vertical gardens are also known as living green walls, live walls, moss walls, and so on. Indoor vertical gardens and outdoor vertical gardens are the two forms of vertical gardening.

In modern times, vertical gardening is one answer to the challenge of staying close to nature’s beauty. It is a method of growing vegetable plants and blossoms up and above the ground. The plants are mounted vertically on a panel using hydroponics. Vertical gardens have grown in popularity in recent years. They not only provide a garden ambiance, but they also have financial, therapeutic, and environmental benefits.


Wall Planters Vs Potted Plants

Wall planters are much easier to care for than potted plants. They also take up less room. They are low-maintenance and weather-resistant.

Wall planters filter the air, reduce ambient temperature, noise, and anxiety levels, enhance productivity, and provide a potent healing environment.


Grow Walls vs. Wall Planters

Grow walls are specially designed to generate food rather than simply look nice. They can sustain "vine plants" such as cucumbers that a less robust wall planter may not be able to support. Grow walls are frequently one enormous installation rather than a series of smaller wall planter components. They are usually significantly larger than single-wall planters. They need fertilizer, as well as specialized watering regimens and regular harvesting.


When going for an online plant retailer in Singapore, check whether it deals in other garden accessories like different brands of fertilizer, growing poles, pesticides, potting soil, vermicompost, plant conditioners, planting media, flower stands, and gardening tools.


Before selecting the ideal plants, examine various growth circumstances suitable for them, like optimum light conditions needed for individual plants, the frequency of watering them, etc.

It is better to choose a store that delivers products to your doorstep. Shop at Singapore's oldest plant nursery, which have decades of expertise in the sector and can offer complete gardening solutions to every kind of customer.

The Green Corner
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