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How to Find Reliable Wholesale Tea Suppliers for Your Business

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How to Find Reliable Wholesale Tea Suppliers for Your Business

If you're in the process of opening your own tea business, you may be having difficulty finding reliable wholesale tea suppliers that are willing to work with you on a small scale. There are several legitimate tea wholesalers out there, but it can take time to find them and build trust if you're just starting out. Use this guide to learn about the best strategies for finding reliable wholesale tea suppliers for your business.

Hint #1: Start with Google

Want to know if a company is legitimate? Google them. Look through their website, social media profiles, etc. Most legit tea suppliers have an online presence and can be found on Google or other search engines.

If you come across a company that doesn't have much of a web presence or if it just seems weird that there's very little information about them online, chances are they're not reliable (or they're hiding something).

Hint #2: Avoid Scams by Asking Questions

When you're looking for wholesale tea suppliers, there are some obvious ones that come up in your search results—the companies that post flashy billboards, frequently advertise on TV or radio and seem like they have a presence at every trade show.

These companies aren't necessarily bad wholesale tea suppliers Australia, but they may not be what you're looking for. The most important thing when evaluating a potential supplier is trust.

They should clearly list their information (like name, address and phone number) on their website.

Step 1. Research Your Product Category Online

Before you start contacting suppliers and spending your money, make sure you know what you are looking for. You will want to find a manufacturer that specializes in your product category, as they should be able to give you more information than general wholesalers.

wholesale tea suppliers

Use Google or Yahoo! (or your search engine of choice) and enter relevant keywords related to your product type. For example, if I wanted to look up tea merchants in India, I would use a keyword phrase like Indian tea wholesaler.

Step 2. Contact Manufacturers Directly Via Their Websites

Manufacturers who sell directly to consumers sometimes hide their phone numbers and contact information because they don't want an onslaught of calls and emails. Even if you can't find contact info, email them anyway and be sure to include as many specifics about your project as possible.

If you can't find a phone number on a website, try searching their name along with the phone number in Google or Bing, and you may get lucky. Still can't find it?

Step 3. Engage With the Companies on Social media platforms

Once you have started engaging with different companies, don't forget to share your content and ask for something in return. This is really where social media starts paying off, as it will be easier to gain followers and fans when you do things that are beneficial for companies or brands.

I really recommend promoting your own products using social media, as well as recommending other people's products if they give you a review/discount code that can be used on their product (this is how influencers get paid).

If you choose not to focus on building an audience while working with a brand, then there's no need to share their content at all. However, do post a picture of yourself wearing/using whatever they gave you!


The quality of a tea shop doesn't just depend on its suppliers, but it also relies on where they source its products. If you buy from wholesalers who have been in business long enough to build strong relationships with growers, you're most likely going to get a good product.

Also, look at what your competitors are doing – you can use that as a guideline and even contact their suppliers directly.

Using social media is a great way of getting in touch with reputable wholesale tea suppliers Australia; be wary of who you do business with! Also, remember that not all online websites are legitimate so take your time and research thoroughly before signing any agreements or placing any orders. Happy shopping!

Source: How to Find Reliable Wholesale Tea Suppliers for Your Business

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