How to Maximize Space in Your Drawer System While Camping


Camping is an excellent way to spend time with your family and friends, plus it's a great opportunity to get some much-needed R&R. But before you hit the road, it's essential that you prepare for your trip appropriately. And since drawers for 4x4 tend to be heavier, packing them can be quite challenging if you don't know what you're doing, especially if you have limited space in the boot (or trunk) of your car or van.

Pack the essential first

The first thing you should do is pack the essentials in your 4x4 drawers. For the most part, this means water, quality sleeping, and cooking gear, the right clothing, and personal hygiene items, blankets and a mattress pad for comfort in your tent, toilet paper (and other essentials if you're camping out of a 4WD), maps of the area where you'll be driving so that in case of an emergency or navigational mishap at least one person will know how to get back home again. Sunscreen is also very important, lighters/matches/spare batteries for phones, etc.

drawers for 4x4

Ramp up the safety factor

Before you start packing, make sure your vehicle is in top condition. It's not just a matter of safety — if the car doesn't work, then the fun will be over before it even begins.

Check the wheels and tires for any obvious damage or wear.

Make sure all suspension parts are well-lubricated.

Test the brakes thoroughly before hitting any long stretches of road. If they feel funny, get them checked out as soon as possible.

Check that all lights are working properly — from headlights to indicators to braking lamps — and make sure there isn't any glass in their lenses or cracks in their housings that could hinder visibility on the road ahead (or behind). 

This will also help keep you safe from other drivers' mistakes when driving at night!

Keep an eye on the weight

The most important thing is to avoid overloading your vehicle. If you are going to be towing a trailer, make sure you know the maximum weight of your vehicle and that you aren't exceeding it.

You can always add more weight with a tarp or groundsheet, if necessary, but this doesn't mean that you should overload the vehicle in the first place! It's better to have a bit too much room than too little—you might need extra space for food and other supplies, especially if camping in areas where running water isn't readily available.

If in doubt about how much weight is safe for your 4WD, speak with someone who knows first-hand: contact the manufacturer directly and ask them what they recommend.

Tools and spare parts

If you're going camping, chances are you'll need some tools. Keep a basic tool kit in your car, including:

A jack and jack stand. In case you get stuck in the mud or snow, don't forget this essential piece of equipment! Also, keep jumper cables on hand for emergencies (and for jumpstarting other vehicles).

A tow strap. If someone else needs help getting out of trouble, be prepared to pull them out with your own tow strap—that way, everyone is safe without having to call an expert every time there's trouble off-road!


We hope we've been able to help you with some of these 4x4 drawers packing tips. We know how difficult it can be to plan an outdoor trip, so we do our best to make things easier for you. Our goal is always the same: give you the tools and information to have fun outdoors!

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