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Real business opportunity in metaverse

Real business opportunity in metaverse

What businesses are going to be more profitable in the metaverse?

Opportunity in the metaverse The most direct market is that of entertainment in its broadest conception, but others such as training and education, tourism, sports, blockchain or software development, among others, will house great business options.

“The metaverse is a virtual reality world, where people interact in an artificial environment, Starting a business in metaverse to technology. The ability of human beings to interact with the world is limited by their five senses. The development of communications and the Internet has allowed this interaction to cross the borders of the human body. Metaverse Business opportunity The metaverse represents a new dimension when it comes to perceiving the world and a great opportunity for all types of companies to develop.

As Fuentes explains, there are many situations where you can take advantage of simulating that you are in a place when you really are not, such as, for example, for certain training actions, for flight simulators, the video game industry, leisure, tourism, cinema , business meetings, etc. The metaverse aims to bring a new dimension to the Internet, hence the interest of companies”.

Term coined in 1992 by Neil Stephenson in his science fiction novel Snow Crash , this American writer referred to the metaverse as a world parallel to the physical world. In that world, you are seen by others as an avatar and you can socialize, explore virtual spaces, carry out productive tasks.

Democratization of technology

Real business opportunity in metaverse But not only now Zuckerberg and his ‘new’ Meta (the Facebook matrix) [ if you want to know what Facebook’s metaverse will be like, click here], others have already taken their first steps in the metaverse: “In the 1990s, several companies launched virtual reality initiatives with interaction between several users, but without much success. Nowadays, numerous startups from all over the world and large companies such as Facebook, Nvidia, Microsoft, Adobe… work and invest in services and technologies of the metaverse industry… The technological Opportunity in the metaverse barrier was the main obstacle for the complete development of the metaverse, but now , it is a world accessible to practically anyone and it is this democratization of technology that has made it easier for companies to become interested in it”, says Fuentes.

Video games and virtual reality

“there is a very large community of virtual reality users thanks to that industry and the fact that end users have had access to virtual reality glasses in recent years at a much lower price (around 350 euros), whereas a few years ago you had to invest around 2,000 euros to be able to access virtual reality”.

training experience

For example, this expert recalls, in 2020 “given the need to train health professionals in European ICUs, generated a training experience in the metaverse to train health professionals from all over Europe in ICU skills with no previous experience in they. We managed to train 20,000 professionals who, through virtual reality glasses, immerse themselves inside virtual ICUs, in which two patients must be integrated into the medical care team. Thus, professionals are trained and gain confidence to help in case of need”.

communicate directly

The main advantage of being in the metaverse is the ability to communicate with the public directly, “creating experiences centered on the user and turning them into an involved actor, achieving a greater brand impact and, therefore, conversion”.

According to this expert, although the sector with the most options is gaming , “especially due to the inherent ease of the end user, at present, brands such as Gucci, Coca-Cola, Stella Artois or Hyundai have been able to establish the first successes as far as campaigns in the metaverse are concerned. Perhaps the opportunity lies in the originality and agility of the campaign and, logically, in the ability to reach the public”.

The first season of consists of an adventure video game that proposes an unprecedented climatic catastrophe and challenges the candidate to save the most lives based on their decision making.

Business idea around metaverse In this way, becomes the first company in the world to use metaverse technology to evaluate people. Based on how you deal with different situations, a behavior profile will be created with 95% accuracy, higher than the 89% achieved by the current game.” Once the game is over, the company and the candidate will have the player’s complete profile at their disposal in just 15 minutes. “The first season of our gaming is a great experience, but this second season will be revolutionary.

How to offer products and services in the metaverse?

How can a company offer its products and/or services in the metaverse? What will you need? Will it be complex for its structure? Will it be expensive?

“The ability to offer products and services in the metaverse will be a change very similar to the one that companies embarked on when they went from offering their physical services to moving the sales (and service) process to the online channel thanks to the Internet. In this case, new possibilities will open up that until now are science fiction.

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