Art and artists


What is art?

Art is everything that is created by our imaginative mind and which evokes a certain feeling of beauty, emotion, and ideas. It is hard to define art in definitive terms and people have given various definitions of art and its beauty throughout ages and cultures. But you can differentiate art into branches namely, visual art, which is everything that comes under painting, sculpture, and architecture. Theatre and dance come under performing arts. Literature, film, and music are known as interactive arts. In short, art is an umbrella term for various different branches.

Who is an artist?

Anybody who is involved in the creation of art is an artist. They can be a painter, a sculptor, an architect, an actor, a dancer, or a musician. An artist is a creative person and has an imaginative mind.

In a more common definition, an artist in BC is someone who paints as a profession or a hobby because paintings are the most generalized term for art.

Why is art important in our life?

Art is related to expressionism. It is the most common way to express our feelings. People who can express their feeling within a painting are considered to have the most inquisitive mind in our society. They speak out the truth, be it political or spiritual or personal, with the help of their painting and this has a huge effect on our society. This is why art is considered to be an important part of human life. It evokes thinking, emotional connection, and various conceptual ideas in our minds as well.

What are the features of a true artist in BC?

An artist must have an imaginative and creative mind.

He/she must be curious about everything around them.

They must be brave enough to portray their ideas through paintings or more.

They must give their all in the creation of art. True artists never give up.

Believing in their own creation and themselves is the toughest part of all.

Art is everywhere and there are very few people around the globe who do not appreciate true art. Some people create art themselves; some visit the galleries to experience the beautiful creation, and some others collect art in their homes. Decorating your home with the beautiful creation of artists from all around the globe is almost like a hobby. All modern homes have beautiful paintings starting from oil paintings to acrylic ones. In BC, artists from all over Canada and USA hold different art and sculpture exhibitions in the galleries to showcase their art to people.

Gallery 421 is one such space where the BC artists showcase their artistic abilities. They also offer various services related to building up art spaces, consultation on artistic decorations, restoration, cleaning, etc.

Nikki John is the author of this article.To know more about BC Artists please stay with our website:gallery421.ca

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