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What is fine art?

Fine art is visual art that can evoke aesthetic feelings. Born purely out of creative and imaginative minds, fine art has beauty and meaning attached to it which depends on the viewer. Fine art specifically means paintings, sculpture, architecture, drawing, watercolor, graphics, etc. The word "fine" does not really describe the art but the intricacy of the art, the purity of it, and the meaning hidden in it. It is also a term popularized in Western Europe. You can find a wide collection of fine arts in BC in the galleries, exhibitions, and other various art spaces.

Is fine art and craft the same?

The definition of art has changed throughout history. The term visual art came into being in the 20th century. Any art that seemed aesthetically pleasing was considered visual art. From that perspective, fine art was visual art as well. Before the popularization of the term visual art, the craft was something that was created skillfully by one’s own hands. But after the 20th century, the difference between fine art and craft started to disappear.

In modern times, anything that gives us aesthetic and intellectual pleasure is considered to be fine art. For example, ceramics was considered a craft but now it falls under the branch of fine arts. BC has some best collections of art pieces from artists all around the world.

The branches of fine arts in BC:

Fine arts can be visual arts as well as performing arts.

Visual art again is an umbrella term that includes-

1.Two-dimensional arts- this is something that happens on a flat surface hence the name. Paintings, drawings, photography, printmaking, calligraphy, and mosaics all fall under two dimensional arts.

2.Three-dimensional arts- sculpture, architecture, pottery, and conceptual art are all three-dimensional art. These arts are all 3-D structures. Although pottery does not exactly fit in the branch of fine art, it is often painted and decorated which is known as fine pottery.

Performing arts on the other hand are performed in front of a live audience like dance, theatre, music, poetry, and film. The ones who perform in front of an audience are also artists but are known as performers. Performing arts needs other people in conducting the performance like the scriptwriter, director, songwriter, and producer all of whom need to have an artistic and skilled mind as well.

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