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Tips To Handle Every Laser Part for Your Laser Machines Challenge

Steven Glassner

Laser cutter output and effectiveness depend on its maintenance. Even if a service agreement covers your machine, you should always perform routine maintenance and use Amada or Trumpf parts in replacement. You could have saved time and energy by checking faulty equipment before it broke. 

Metal fabricators must maintain laser cutting equipment. Vehicle maintenance isn't difficult and will save you time. If you want your laser-cutting machine to be productive and efficient, always keep Trumpf spare parts at hand and follow these tips:

The Air Should Be Clean

Laser cutting uses oxygen, nitrogen, or shop air. Fabricators prefer shop air's fast processing time. Cuts steel, aluminum, mild steel, etc. A workshop must have clean, dry, and compressed air. Air pressure, filtering, and cleanliness ensure this. Compressed air supply and lines affect machine performance, productivity, and life.

Regularly Evaluate Chiller Functioning

Check the chiller's temperature indication often. The uneven temperature may affect the machine's performance. Extreme conditions could break the resonator. Condenser coils and filters must be cleaned regularly, even though contemporary equipment is easier to maintain. Add additives and chemicals to chillers regularly.

Maintain Fuel Flow

If a leak or hose break remains unnoticed, it could diminish the machine's efficiency. When replacing resonator gas bottles, could you give them a soapy water rinse? It detects leaks before they affect production.

Check Device Optics

Deviations from OEM specs can affect beam quality, cutting performance, and optic life; thus, restoring them while repairing machine optics is crucial.

Ensure Your Machine Is Clean

It's a no-brainer to keep your gear clean. Machines are fragile, and if you don't take care of them, they may break down sooner than planned. Debris, grease, and dust in processing areas, slugs, scrap drawers, support slats, and pallet ways can affect machine reliability and production.

Improve Your Laser Cutting Efficiency

Lasers can enhance output when used to shape metal. Few changes can boost productivity, like setting, tools, and supplies. Leaser users generally overlook this. Today, modern fabrication is harder because raw material prices are unpredictable, and margin and lead time are reducing. 

Proper machine maintenance can save money in a pinch under these circumstances. It can also speed up the laser operator's equipment. Let's investigate.

Here Are Some Helpful Suggestions

i) Pay Special Attention to the Environment

Laser machines have the same fundamental design. These laser machines respond differently based on the shop's environment. Several other factors help in tuning the machine. Among them:

  • Outside temp
  • Production raw materials
  • Your ability
  • Store sanitization
  • Air quality shouldn't be heavy, damp, etc.

A malfunctioning air compressor or air dryer in your shop may taint focus lenses faster than in others. A laser operator must consider these factors. Simply put, the operator must know the use of the machine. Once that's done, they can create an effective preventive maintenance plan.

ii) Always Keep a Check

If you know your environment, you can predict machine output and performance. For best results, get regular exams. Be wary. Checking of both inner and exterior nozzles must be done. Consider the nozzles' symmetry. A misaligned nozzle causes bad cutting and risks nozzle malfunctioning.

Again, inspect the lenses. Lenses must be clean. The cartridge's cleanliness is tested by using light. You'll instantly notice a dirty lens. Do a breathalyzer first. An operator's duties also include checking the most fundamental aspects of the laser system, such as:

  • The nozzles
  • The lenses
  • The aiding gasses

The Consumables

There aren't many stressed areas in a normally functioning machine. Due to high temperatures and pressures, they constantly get worn down. And wear and tear causes failure. Always keep a limited stock of Bystronic laser consumables. If Bystronic laser parts like Trumpf spare parts are stocked, the output won't slow.

Ensure you have enough manufacturer-recommended consumables. If you utilize an unapproved part, performance will suffer. Sometimes, aftermarket manufacturers construct a replacement item by working backwards from the OEM design. Possible outcomes include replacing a component. You can improve laser cutting by completing these steps.

Alternate Parts, Inc. makes and sells machine parts like Trumpf parts. The company was formed to provide more options for replacing tools and equipment. Since the outset, we've worked hard to keep our high-quality services affordable for our growing consumer base. All our products meet OEM specs. We may offer reductions of 10%-70% without reducing our standards.

Steven Glassner
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