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When Should You Get Repair Your Toilet?

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When Should You Get Repair Your Toilet?

When they're functioning correctly, we don't give much thought to the toilet, but when they stop, we really start to miss them. It's important to recognize when it's time to have a professional handle a Toilet Repair & Replacement in Vancouver.

The typical toilet is built to last between 10 and 15 years. Thus, it is more common than not that a simple repair is all that is required for your toilet to function correctly again.

But when fixing it will cost more than buying a new one, it's time to give up and go on. It might be difficult to tell if it's time to replace or repair your toilet, which is why the plumbing experts at Simply Plumbing & Sewer have compiled this list of warning signals.

When Does Your Toilet Need To Be Repaired?

When properly cared for, a toilet can serve its intended purpose for up to 15 years. However, you are likely to experience one or several of these frequent bathroom troubles along the way.

While they may be bothersome, luckily, they can be rectified. Following are some instances where your toilet needs to be repaired.

Water Keep Running

When flushed, water should only move from the tank into the bowl. This means that your bathroom needs repair if you hear running water when the toilet isn't in use.

Water from the tank leaks into the toilet bowl constantly, causing it to flow. This is typically due to a worn flapper valve preventing the tank from sealing correctly.

There Appears To Be a Blockage

It's typical for a toilet to clog occasionally, which can usually be remedied with a plunger. But if it's frequently happening, you should look into the cause.

We've seen it all, but if your toilet is clogged with something besides toilet paper, you'll need to call a plumber for Toilet Repair & Replacement Vancouver.

Water Level Are Low

Toilet tank and bowl Water Filtration System should stay the same unless you've just flushed. If the toilet's water level is low, the first thing to do is ensure the water supply hasn't been turned off.

Low water levels could indicate a partial obstruction if it hasn't been closed. If water is flowing from the toilet's sides and pooling on the floor, this could be a sign of a more significant leak


You need to contact the Residential Plumbing Services of Cypress immediately to resolve the problem.

Lingering Foul Smells

After a user, a bathroom toilet often doesn't smell like a field of daisies. It may require maintenance if a toilet continues to emit a foul odor after being scrubbed.

It's possible that flushing the toilet a few times would fix the issue before you have to call a plumber if this is a rarely-used toilet. If the stench from the bathroom persists, it may be due to a broken toilet seal or germs in the overflow pipe.

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