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Why .NET Rules the World of Web Development?

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Why .NET Rules the World of Web Development?

The success of any project depends on how knowledgeable and skillful the development team is whether it is an in-house or remote team. Now, with over 6 million .NET developers worldwide, you must be wondering how to find the right .NET developer for your project in 2023.

No more worries!! In this article, we have covered every essential aspect that makes the process of hiring dedicated .NET developers effective and successful. So, let’s find the developers that will suit your project and its needs.

Reasons Why .NET Rules the World of Web Development?

.NET framework is getting even better, developed long ago in the 90s, this framework by Microsoft has so much to offer. The tech giant is continuously investing to add more capabilities. NET. Let’s understand some important reasons why .NET rules the world of web apps:

  1. Performance: .Net gives developers flexibility and scalability best suited for small to large projects. 
  2. Trusted & Secure: Built by top tech giant Microsoft and ensured by top-notch security. 
  3. Interoperability: .NET offers excellent interoperability and guarantees that security is not compromised in this process.
  4. Productive: Modern language constructs like LINQ and asynchronous programming are available in.Net, allowing developers to develop high-quality apps quickly.
  5. Platform Independence: .NET doesn’t restrict developers from building software products for any specific device or operating system.

When Should You Have To Hire Dedicated .NET Developers?

The following is a list of the types of applications that can be built using dedicated .NET developers:

  • Logistic web apps to facilitate simplified creation of shipments and delivering goods at different locations. 
  • Digital content management solution for sellers and buyers on a single platform.
  • Healthcare or medical apps for patient monitoring.
  • Order management solution for Sales, Purchase, Shipping, Finance, Inventory, Manufacturing, and Ticketing.
  • Using .NET technology gives zero dependencies on external tools like Google Sheets, email, project management systems, and more. All these features are compiled on a single platform.

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  • .NET is a very strong and adaptable programming environment for creating IoT software.
  • Business Startups, that required upgrading or mounting to .NET technology to build MVP and scale it. .NET framework can develop into a fully scalable and robust platform to account for business growth. 
  • .NET technology is a very popular and most adopted technology for completely custom web projects. When you need completely customized software/apps for your business that are precisely tuned to your requests so that you get exactly what you want to meet your specific business needs. For this, you need to hire a dedicated .Net team of developers.

Famous Companies Using Microsoft .NET:

  • Stackoverflow
  • Microsoft
  • Intel
  • Cisco 
  • GoDaddy

Hire .Net Developer

Cost of Hiring .NET Developer

One must consider all essential aspects to determine the cost of hiring .NET developers. 

The following three factors should be taken into account when determining the cost of hiring .NET developers:

First, it varies from candidate to candidate which is quite obvious. Second, it depends on the complexity of the app. Third, the cost factor depends on the expertise and experience level of the .NET developer you hire. 

Approx. The cost of hiring .NET developers starts from an average of $70 per hour and it can go to $90 per hour as per the candidates, specifications, attributes, and app complexity. 

However, if you hire an expert .NET developer from an experienced outsourcing company like us, the cost will be around $20 -$30 per hour.

Best Practices for Finding Skilled .NET Developers

Step 1: Define Your Project Requirement Clearly

Step 2: Look for a Reliable Development Partner with the Right Talent to do the Job

Step 3: Check Company’s Portfolio 

Step 4: Conduct Interviews

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