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Is solar energy a reliable source of renewable energy?

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Is solar energy a reliable source of renewable energy?

Many countries, including Pakistan, have endorsed solar energy. Pakistan's energy generation used to be primarily reliant on fossil fuels. These sources could not meet the country's current energy needs due to its large population and rapid industrialization. Meanwhile, they had negative environmental consequences and were too expensive to electrify remote locations. Pakistan is going solar to address this issue.

How does solar energy work?

When the sun shines on a solar panel, the energy is absorbed by the PV cells in the discussion. This energy generates electrical charges that move in response to an internal electric field within the cell, resulting in the flow of electricity.

Solar solutions tailored to your business's requirements

Our solar energy solutions are always built to serve your company's needs. Our projects are tailored to the site and carefully planned with high-quality implementation to minimize risks and maximize the profitability of your solar power plant - always taking safety and sustainable values into account.

Solar Energy's Advantages

Why would we use solar energy, a question that arises today. There are several answers to this question. To put it simply, our nonrenewable resources are running out of supply. Other comprehensive technical responses include environmentally friendly energy, off-grid energy (self-reliability), the use of underutilized land, reduced electricity loss, improved grid security (if connected to the grid), increased employment, and economic stability.

Environmentally friendly, clean energy: Solar energy is a safe, environmentally friendly form of energy. Solar power is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint. In addition, solar energy has no adverse environmental effects. 

Solar energy emits no greenhouse gases and requires no additional resources besides clean water. As a result, it is both safe and environmentally friendly. Even so, some people are skeptical about the benefits of solar energy. However, solar power is self-sufficient, and installing solar panels on your roof is a simple and risk-free way to help create a more sustainable future. Starting with your home is an excellent way to demonstrate your environmental concern.

On-Grid Solar System: A grid-tied solar system is the most cost-effective because it allows users to use solar panels with grid support. Because of the grid connection, the system can be used without batteries, making it cost-effective and dependable.

The type and capacity of the system determine the cost of an on-grid solar system in Pakistan. For example, a 5KW system is more expensive than a 3KW system but less expensive than a 10KW system. Similarly, a system with larger capacity solar panels and a more feature-rich inverter will cost more than one with fewer features.

Usage of underutilized land: You may wonder why solar energy is being used on the new property. As the need for solar energy has grown, it has become more accessible to most of us. However, massive swaths of land in Pakistan remain undeveloped, far from major cities or capitals. With solar energy, we can genuinely use the land and generate enormous value; solar energy is a power source for everyone. We will only have to use costly land that could be put to better use elsewhere. You may have heard of solar farms, which are large-scale solar energy-gathering installations. This clearly shows how solar energy utilizes unused land. For example, a 400-acre solar farm with a 400-MW power output was recently built in Pakistan.

Solar energy saves electricity: Electricity must be carried over long distances from extensive power facilities to end-users. Long-distance transmissions result in power losses. Have you ever thought about why solar panels are used? They're on your roof to collect solar energy. Rooftop solar power can help boost electricity efficiency due to the short distance. Your energy becomes domestic, and you gain control over your costs and energy use. Solar power systems are also long-lasting, reducing the odds of service interruption.

Solar energy boosts grid security: When many people switch to solar power, there are fewer blackouts and brownouts. Every solar-paneled home in Pakistan functions as a mini-power plant. As a result, we have greater energy system security, particularly during natural or manufactured disasters. With the help of solar panel incentives, you may also be compensated to export power back to the grid (net metering).

Solar Power Is A Source Of Free Energy: The sun provides more energy than we can use, and no one can control it. Your solar power system will start saving money when turned on, but the benefits of solar energy will become apparent over time. The longer you own your solar power system, the more money you make while helping the environment.


Shams Power is one of Pakistan's leading solar energy companies, offering low-cost solar systems that allow you to transition quickly to solar energy and achieve energy independence.

Call us at (+92) 0341 7426777 or visit our website at https://www.shams-power.com. Shams Power collaborates with you to incorporate as many energy efficiency upgrades as possible into commercial solar financing and rooftop solar processes. As a result, it reduces the number of PV panels required to meet your current and future solar energy system requirements, lowering your carbon footprint.

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