All You Need To Know About Heat Transfer Vinyl

Jorge Dan

If you have clicked on this writing piece, chances are that you either just knew about the amazing world of heat transfer vinyl or you are curious to know more about it before taking the plunge. Whatever the case is, you have landed yourself at just the right place as this is a tell-all of heat transfer vinyl where nothing will be left untold thinking that it's so obvious.


Heat transfer vinyl is also commonly referred to as HTV so throughout this article I will be using it as an abbreviation for it. So let’s introduce you to the world of vinyl where everything is possible!


What is HTV and Why Should You Choose it?

HTV is a very special kind of plastic that is super versatile and flexible. This can be used for a myriad of decorating and crafting purposes. In fact the vast scale and full potential of it is still being discovered and the more people are using it the more they are loving it and can’t get enough of it.


HTV is a very useful and resourceful material when it comes to giving personalized touches to any garment, utensil, invite, decor or logos. Along with the versatility and diversity it is also incredibly easy and childishly simple to use and master which is why so many small businesses and startups are popping up using HTV as their prime source of customization. Be it event management, printing facilities, decoration items, garments or gift shops.


The name heat transfer vinyl is due to the heat activated adhesive in it that allows the vinyl to flawlessly adhere itself permanently on to any fabric or solid surface it is transferred to with enough time, pressure and temperature. For special designs and quality work, you can also use a vinyl cutter printer from PerfectCut Vinyl that will give you digital printed designs.


These can then be transferred on to any garment, utensil, cutlery or accessory for a personalized touch. The products of vinyl cutter HTV will always be super high-quality, impressive and very long lasting. 


When it comes to HTV, the sky’s the limit, the world is your oyster and land is your canvas! It comes in all sorts of finishes, colors, designs, shapes, sizes, prints and patterns that the permutation and combination are literally countless and unimaginable. This material is subject to your creativity, so you can choose to do so much from it.


In order for HTV to work efficiently, you need to know the right HTV for the right material and purpose. Basically you need three things for it to work- HTV (DUH!!), Vinyl cutter and Heat press for heat transfer.


Once you have these three basic things, you need to know what materials you are usually going to work around with. If the materials are mixed like cotton with polyester tha we recommend using a HTV that can work on low temperature and in quick time. Too much heat given with pressure and time will burn the fabric as it's not pure. As told earlier, the world of HTV is vast and you will find so much to choose from that it will be overwhelming and so intimidating.


But you can navigate through it easily by deciding on a vinyl cutter. Once you have a cutter you can choose the vinyl sheets according to the size of the cutter. Vinyl sheets are available in 12 by 12 inch size to 50 yards length as well, so choose according to your cutter. As HTV is getting so much love and recognition, the demand for its accessories is also seeing a spike, choosing from a good company like PerfectCut Vinyl for best products.


HTV Essentials

One of the top reasons for HTV being so immensely popular around the globe is its fuss-free set up and low cost. As mentioned earlier, you basically need 2 other things besides HTV and one is a vinyl cutter. The size and blade quality of the cutter are the two most important things to look out for.


For beginner's level I'd suggest something like a desktop cutter, it's affordable, it ensures quality and it will be enough for you to gain some experience. Once you feel a ramp up in your business, you can then hop on to graphic cutters. Blade is another important aspect of a good cutter, the sharper the blade the better output you will get. A good cutter blade can easily cut through a 12 inch width sheet which is a good starting point as well. But if you are a large scale user then you may want to look for something more advanced like a 15 inch width cutter.


Heat Transfer Press

You have the vinyl sheets, your customized design is also ready but how to activate the heat induced adhesive, well here comes the heat transfer press. If you’re a small business the thing i would say to never compromise on even when starting off is a heat press. There are three main factors when applying a HTV, pressure, temperature and time and all these are dependent on a good heat press as it will be the catapult for all these factors. A failure of any of these 3 factors will ruin all the previous effort and your design might be incomplete, patchy or burned.


A good quality heat press has a heat coil that gives an equal amount of heat in a precise time and under certain pressure. The pressure should also be exerted on the required level otherwise the material can be broken or will just be away! A hack is to ensure you see the texture of the garment after pressing the HTV, this will give you a perfect merger.


Ending Lines

HTV is a fun activity to unleash your creativity and think out of the box. If you want to make some money while doing something that makes you happy then HTV can be your best bet. 

Jorge Dan
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