Is Jojo Romero an Experienced Live Performer?


Jojo Romero is not as the baseball player. He has been playing guitar and singing since 1995 in the US. Before this he was a resident of the US Virgin Islands. The JoJo Romero musician’s artists hometown is a beautiful section of the island called St. Croix. Now, Jojo has three kids who have grown up surrounded by their father’s music. He has been aware of this for a long time and introduced them to sounds and music they thrive on now. Trends in music have changed, it’s gone from eighties metal to nineties grunge, the change in the decade brought hip-hop into the picture mixed with other sounds like techno and metal.

A mountain of portable digital music

As the catalog of tracks listed increases every day, it isn’t that expensive any more to review new albums. Unlike CDs, you can just purchase a couple of tracks online. For many this was bliss as the number of fragile CDs reduced. Also, MP3 files are easier to edit and share, if required. In parallel, you are also building a small yet comprehensive collection of your highly rated tracks without recording a tape or writing a DVD. These can be shared easily and used to educate others on new sounds and lyrics. All-in-all, people can now share music and play it through any device with USB input. This makes more people educated about new and old music.

Something for everyone

Jojo remembers times in the nineties when the guests at an event would only know music by Abba and Boney M. Then some youngsters would request Slayer and Metallica instead! Finally, with a little diplomacy, he convinced everyone he’d play slow songs by Dr. Hook, Lobo, Jim Croce, Simon & Garfunkel, and Bread..By the end of the evening they were asking for more.

Where Jojo doesn’t have a solution at a live show, the Nightshift cover band always has something. Everybody knows they can’t have dead air at a family event or live performance beyond a couple of minutes.

There are times every musician performing live wishes they were a DJ instead. The crowd just doesn’t appreciate anything and some are very vocal about it. There are two solutions that always work – a electric guitar solo and a drum solo. What’s great is that they can be almost anything up-tempo! People come backstage later and compliment the drummer. The only thing is that these solos need to be like contemporary music and not something like Keith Moon or Dave Brubeck.

Jojo knows there are a couple of tracks that always work with any crowd, like Eric Clapton’s version of Cocaine and Wonderful Tonight. Then there’s Black Magic Woman and Hotel California. Everybody might not know these tunes, but enough to keep the good vibes flowing.

Jojo and Nightshift are irreplaceable

Between Jojo Romero and Nightshift, they’ve always walked away after surpassing their client’s expectations. That’s where experience is important, whether knowing when to change a song from the list and avoiding someone almost throwing a beer bottle at you! “Motorhead! Judas Priest!” Jojo knows it’s time for Nightshift to do their magic!

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