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How to Save Money on Your Electric Bill When Using a Water Heater?

Stanton Doe

Did you know that your water heater is responsible for about 18% of the cost of your electricity bill? Even though it sounds nice to be able to heat water quickly and easily get warm water from a tap, this convenience comes at a high price.

But because of how busy our lives are, a water heater or geyser is a must in our homes and an almost necessary purchase for urban homes. But the fact that water heaters are making our electricity bills go up is definitely hurting our wallets. But if you know how to use your water heater well and save money, it can be a big help in both areas.

Want to save money on electricity costs but still use the water heater? Read our top tips to learn how to use your water heater correctly to save money on your electricity bill.

Showers are better than hot water baths

Filling your buckets and bathtubs to the top with water is a waste of water. Instead, use a shower. If you like to take showers with a steady flow of warm water, you may end up wasting more water and using more electricity.

But if you spend less time in the shower and more time under the shower, you can cut down on the amount of water you use and the amount of electricity you need to heat the water in the bucket or bathtub.

If you usually take a bath once or twice a day, take a quick shower instead of a bucket bath to save more water and electricity, which is needed to heat the water. When not in use, turn off the shower. This cuts down on the amount of water and electricity needed to heat and supply hot water while doing these tasks in the bathroom while sitting down. Try using soap and shampoo without using water or the water heater, and see how much money and water you can save.

Get your water heater fixed

If nothing else works, it's time to fix your water heater or buy from ariston water heaters as they are highly energy saving. Most water heaters come with features like higher star ratings and insulated valves that can help you save money on your electricity bills. Choose water heaters with high star ratings and good brands. 

If you use your water heater a lot and want to save money on electricity, makeachoice.in can tell you more about the best water heaters.

Installing solar water heaters is another way to save money on electricity bills because they use the heat from the sun to heat your water instead of electricity. You can also use other sources, such as natural gas water heaters, which use less energy and save money. Choose insulated storage tanks with a lot of space so you don't have to use the heater all the time to keep the water hot.

Use appliances that save energy

Geysers aren't the only things that need hot water. Dishwashers and washing machines do as well. If you can, wash your clothes and dishes with cold water instead of having to use a water heater to heat the water. Hot water does help clean appliances better and faster, but if you only have a few clothes to wash, you can always use a cold wash cycle. 

When putting dishes in the dishwasher, fill up the racks so you don't have to run the hot water through the machine more than once. 

On the other hand, you can use shorter washing cycles. If you want to save money on your water heater bills, look for dishwashers with booster heaters. When you can, wash your dishes by hand with room temperature or cold water. 

This not only saves water, but also saves money on your water heater and electricity bills. Energy-saving appliances are a great way to cut down on how much you use and pay for your water heater.

Insulation is useful

Insulation is where you can save heat so you don't have to keep heating it up and your water stays warm for a long time. If you don't keep using the water heater over and over again and instead store some hot water in the tank, you can easily save between Rs.1000 and Rs.2000 on your electricity bills. Installing heat traps is the first thing you can think about.

Heat traps are just special valves or loops of pipes that are put in the places where cold water comes in and hot water goes out. This keeps the water warm when it's needed. Heat traps or insulation valves are already built into the new line of water heaters.

With the help of a professional, you can also insulate the water tank to keep the water warm for a few hours. This will let you use hot water within a certain amount of time, as long as the insulation can keep the water warm in the tank. You won't have to turn on the water heater very often, which will cut down on your electricity use and costs.

Another option is to insulate the first few feet of the hot and cold-water pipes so that the temperature doesn't get lost when the water goes in and out. This will make you less reliant on the water heater.

Stanton Doe
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