Ways to Increase Your Business's Productivity and Boost Profit

John Tailor

To stay afloat, you have to stay ahead – a phrase commonly heard in the business world. However, while typical, this expression is not as easily executed, especially within a competitive market. The question thus becomes – how can a business (regardless of its size) make its presence known in the corporate world?

The answer is a bit on the nose; namely, the secret to success lies in increased productivity. Let me elaborate. When a business runs like a well-oiled machine, time for improvement and brainstorming suddenly becomes available. Even a handful of new ideas will create additional revenue and boost profit. To contribute, this article examines a few ways to increase business productivity. 

Simplicity – a notion at the heart of success

In 2022, the notion of originality seems almost unattainable. As a result, businesses tend to spiral into complex and elaborate plans in search of their next bestseller. However, complexity has rarely been an attribute of success. 

In business, simplicity is key. From yearly projections to product placement, no matter should be so complex not to grasp on the first go. In terms of productivity, this means setting clear and attainable goals for each sector and employee. Once each individual understands the goal they are working towards, they will be one step closer to reaching it. 

Reminders – the annoyingly accurate advisor 

No one enjoys being reminded of deadlines. It increases anxiety among employees and creates an authoritative aura around the employer. With that said, deadlines have still been shown to increase business productivity.

The trick lies in the transfer of responsibility. Thus, rather than managers sending a group email, a reminder may be set in smart calendars or to-do-list apps. For one, digital reminders are not as invasive as chain emails. Similarly, they are also much more evident and easier to keep track of. Once a task is put into the calendar, it will remain so until completed, eliminating the risk of a deadline getting lost as spam. 

Another similar yet still effective trick would be using business management software. In short, this software is designed to keep track of employees’ productivity, optimize workflow, and make sure that all important deadlines are met. Companies using such technology have claimed an increase in both worker productivity and a boost in profit. 

Goals – a set goal is not a met goal 

As the title (not-so-subtly) hinted at, setting business goals is not enough. Rather, it is only the first step of many on the road to increased productivity. Once a goal has been defined, it is pivotal to work towards it continuously. In business, this means scheduling regular meetings and having a touch base with each employee or department. 

During a meeting, every sector or individual should present their goal and where they are with regard to meeting it. If someone requires assistance, these meetings are the ideal time to speak up. Other, possibly senior employees will be able to jump in and resolve the problem without much delay. The last point to keep in mind is that while such meetings do not need to be daily, they still need to be regular to track employee progress.

Technology – a welcome increase in productivity

When applications designed to optimize business productivity appeared, employers were unsurprisingly a bit hesitant. However, if remote work has taught us anything, work-friendly technology may be a life (and business) saver – hear me out. 

Platforms such as Slack and Microsoft Teams have been designed to increase productivity. Their design is simple, user-friendly, and transparent. Once employees log on, they get an overview of their messages, tasks, and appointments. While small, such a user-based design is pivotal for increasing business productivity. It allows employees to focus on their tasks rather than searching for information in their spam boxes. 


While this article has provided you with four useful tips to increase productivity, the first one, simplicity, is at the heart of each. Employees will be productive when they are satisfied and to achieve the latter, a business should set clear goals and use user-friendly interfaces. Without a doubt, increased productivity and a boost in revenue will follow.

John Tailor
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