Key Thing to Know About Smart Light Bulbs


Smart light bulbs are LED bulbs that can be controlled with the aid of a tablet, smartphone, or by utilizing a smart home automation system. They are generally more expensive than conventional bulbs and regular LED bulbs. In addition, these bulbs don’t use much energy, and they last longer than the conventional LED bulbs. You can also find these bulbs at amazon in white color or with different color-changing features, depending on the brand you buy.

As mentioned earlier, these bulbs usually work with the aid of a tablet or smartphone. Sometimes, they require a home automation hub that facilitates their operation as they use different wireless communication standards like Wi-Fi, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth to enhance the connection of the app to the automation system. There are brands that also require a special gateway for them to work.

There are so many brands of smart light bulbs available on the market today, with some of these brands using more than one wireless technology to integrate the lights with your smart home systems and devices. This is an investment that is worth every penny, and if you are consider getting one, you should do so without hesitation.

Most of the time, people who invest in the smart home technology always like to use a home or hub automation system like Wink or Nest. In some other cases, they prefer to utilize a voice-activated system like AppleHomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home. It’s also possible to program lightbulbs such that they concert with other devices that you connect to your home automation system.

To help you understand smart light bulbs, here are answers to some questions that people usually ask:

How do you install smart light bulbs?

Most of the time, to install smart lightbulbs, you’ll need to first download the app of the manufacturer and create an account. After that, you’ll then need to screw the bulb into the appropriate fixture. With that in place, you only need to follow the instructions from the manufacturer to get it connected to your Wi-Fi network.

How do smart lightbulbs work with Alexa?

Connecting a smart bulb to a device that’s Alexa-enabled is easy. First, you open the Alexa app and select All Devices before tapping on the light that you want to connect the app to. After that, you’ll be able to use commands to control the smart bulb. Examples of the commands include “Alexa, turn off the bedroom lamp.”

This is a similar approach to other systems and what’s certain is that you’ll enjoy the ease that comes with using smart light bulbs. The interesting thing is that they are not as expensive as you’ll expect them to be, and they are also readily available in different stores.
















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