8 Tips to Keep a Dog Happy in an Apartment!

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Nowadays, dogs don’t have enough space to run and be wild with people residing inside apartments. Being the owner, you must keep the Dog happy in the apartment, and some tricks are involved in doing the same. Always remember that apartments have smaller spaces and cannot match the accessible outdoor areas like parks and gardens. But that won’t stop your Dog from being entertained.

It is always the job of the owner to look for ways to care for a dog in an apartment. Yes, it might take some time and energy from your side, but it is pretty worthy. Moreover, keeping your Dog active from time to time is essential if you want to keep your furry little friend healthy and fit. So, let’s learn about eight ways to keep your Dog happy in your apartment.

1. Mid-Day Visits and Walks

One way to keep the Dog happy in an apartment is by taking your four-legged friend out for a walk. The mid-day visits will give your pet the proper walks they need and give them time to run along and make new friends.

Dogs won’t prefer staying inside walls for a long walk. They might get depressed quickly. But, with these mid-day visits, they know they have something to look up to.

These walks are more like refreshing breaks in their lives. You can take them to the nearby garden or just down the lane. Try carrying a ball with you so you can play with your Dog in between walks. It helps in establishing a great bond between a dog and its master.

2. Take Frequent Walks

A mid-day walk is not all you need to keep the Dog happy in the apartment. But frequent walks from time to time will keep your Dog healthy and happy. To be on the safer side, taking your Dog out for a walk at a specific time is highly recommended. So, when that time comes, your Dog already knows it is time for a walk and will be excited and waiting by the door.

If you want to keep your Dog in a small apartment, adding such frequent walks as part of your daily routine is essential.

3. Enrol in obedience School

This is one step for which you need a professional in the scene. Have you heard about dog training? Well, this is exactly what your puppy needs to grow into an obedient dog. Dogs are naturally known for their free spirits and don’t like staying in confined spaces.

But, if you don’t have any other option apart from a small apartment, then you need to get your answer on How to keep a big dog happy in an apartment.

For that, obedience training is a good call. Here, experts will train your puppies to stay calm and happy even in a small, confined space like a small apartment. The Dog will learn how to behave and get a yummy treat.

4. Create Training

Training turns a wild dog into a house pet in no time! In this regard, the Training involves your Dog adjusting to smaller spaces. At the end of the Training, the Dog won’t find it challenging to stay in your small apartment and will be just as happy as living in a mansion!

However, you cannot confine your Dog to a smaller space only. It would help if you gifted him with frequent walks, dog treats, and some car rides. It ensures that your pet knows it has something to look forward to daily.

5. The Right Pet Toys

Another exciting way to keep your dogs engaged for a long time is with suitable pet toys. Searching the vast internet will reveal the best pheasant toy for dogs. There are so many toys available that the Dog can enjoy while sitting in one place. These are perfect for your smaller apartment, where you don’t have enough space to run.

So many animal toys are available for your dogs that they can bite in without destroying the overall look. Keep the balls away for outdoor games and introduce suitable pet toys to keep your dogs active for hours inside your small apartments.

6. Extra Attention

Always remember that dogs tend to be emotionally down if confined in small spaces for a long time. They love making new friends, so you must take them out for frequent dog park walks. But if you can’t do that, shower your Dog with as much love as possible. The main goal is never to make them feel alone.

Extra attention through love, treats, and kisses will help your Dog to grow an attachment to you. Furthermore, your Dog won’t need to make a new friend that often when it can get all the deserving attention from your side.

7. A Regular Routine

Dogs are known to follow a routine. So, being a dog owner, you need to keep working on that. It will help if you pre-set a pattern consisting of feeding time, bathing time, playing time, and brisk walks. Follow the same way every day as that helps keep your Dog’s life in a proper balance.

8. Proper Pet Furniture

Once you own a pet at home, be sure that you have pet-proof furniture all around. Chances are high that your Dog will scratch its nails or bite the corner of your coffee table or the chair legs. You can’t cut their nails daily. So, their scratches can cause severe damage to your chair. But, now you get to avoid that with proper pet furniture.

These are the top 8 tips to follow if you want to keep your Dog happy in a confined space. Looking for the best dog toys is essential, so visiting Crew LaLa is a good call!

Crew Lala
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