Unshackle your hiring superpowers with a powerful ATS

Navjot Kaur

Organizations need help finding the perfect candidates in a tight labor market. Although there is an increasing demand for top talent, companies aren’t confident and find it challenging to hire the ideal candidates. 

Do you know what the top challenges faced by recruiters are? Recruiting competent candidates, matching them with the jobs, and screening candidates are the top 3 pain points recruiters need help with. 

LinkedIn says the talent shortage is the #1 hiring challenge today, with 87% of HR professionals reporting “few or no qualified applicants." Is there any solution to finding relevant candidates? Yes, there is. An AI-powered quality recruiting software or an ATS can relieve recruiters of their hiring woes. An ATS can help HR teams grow faster from their existing talent pool. Let's discuss how you can rediscover skilled candidates through an ATS. 

What's wrong with your ATS?

Believe us when we say that we know being an HR is no easy task. You may be receiving hundreds of resumes daily, isn't it?  How do you store, parse or screen them? Do you have an ATS? Does your ATS parse and screen the candidates' resumes? 

Did you answer ‘NO’ to any one of the above questions? If yes, you are losing candidates without getting in touch with them. ATS is a crucial part of the recruitment process; various HR tech tools like resume parser and taxonomy can be integrated to make your candidate search process more efficient. AI-powered HR tech solutions are a recruiter’s treasure trove of talent information. 

Manually searching for candidates in the ATS database is an uphill task; this is where an advanced HR tech solution fits in. 

Advantages of using an ATS for ideal talent

Lower hiring time

With candidates already in your database, you get a kickstart to fill the open positions quickly without looking out for external candidates.

Reduced talent acquisition costs

Discovering and hiring candidates is an expensive process. Longer hiring times also boost hiring costs. Besides reducing advertising costs and hiring time, an ATS also simplifies and automates the sourcing process.

Improve hire quality

Your talent pipeline is full of quality and screened candidates you have already interacted with, giving you an advantage in hiring from among them. These prospects know your brand and expressed interest in working with you. Therefore, they are better suited for the position than others.

Using ATS to Rediscover Talent

Using your ATS, you may filter applicants who applied earlier for open opportunities and match them to current available roles.

An ATS Integrated with advanced HR tech software, such as a resume parser, can help find the perfect candidate for the job. There may be candidate resumes in the database who may have applied earlier for some position, and now you can pull those resumes out of the database and contact them for open job positions. 

Thus, saving you from additional recruitment costs and reducing hiring time. 

An ATS works with other HR software/tools to help you find the right candidate. Here’s how it works:

Along with advanced HR Tech tools/software

A resume parser is an advanced HR tech tool that extracts candidate data from resumes and stores it in a structured format utilized by TA teams, HR managers, and recruiters. An ATS can integrate this automation tool and screen candidates accordingly.

Advanced search facility

The ATS's advanced search facility allows applications to filter by specific keywords, job titles, skills, experience, education, and more. 

Candidate sourcing

The ATS's built-in talent database enables you to actively search for, discover, and connect with suitable candidates for open positions.

Advanced analytics and reporting

This feature allows you to generate detailed reports on candidates, hiring trends, and other data. Thus, helping you find a suitable fit for the role.

Ability to schedule interviews

Interview scheduling is a potent solution that allows you to automate interviews so you won’t waste time manually scheduling or sending out reminders.

Real-time collaboration

This powerful feature of the ATS allows people and teams from different departments in the decision-making regarding new hires.

Do you know why employers use applicant tracking systems (ATS)?

When recruiting, the new-age employer faces the challenge of hiring “competent candidates” quickly. Believe it or not, the internet has made their job more difficult as too many candidates apply for open positions but aren’t skilled enough to be hired. 

As a result, recruiters receive thousands of resumes for each job opening. That is why they require an ATS.

An advanced hiring platform that streamlines the recruitment process and speeds up the hiring process, saving businesses time and money.

An ATS has several benefits, including:

  • Better communication within TA teams/ hiring managers
  • Faster candidate screening 
  • Reduced repetitive tasks 
  • Reduced cost per hire
  • Easy job posting

As a result of these advantages, applicant tracking systems (ATS) have become an integral component of the modern recruitment process.


Rediscovering candidates with AI-based solutions allows you to explore your existing talent pool. Thereby reducing the cost to hire and increasing the ROI. Advanced HR Tech tools integrated with your ATS can scan, sort, and candidate resumes and present the best candidates. 

Besides, ATS helps overcome hiring prejudices that can disturb recruitment and become a roadblock in hiring diverse teams. 

Navjot Kaur
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