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15 key factors to check before hiring an app development company

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15 key factors to check before hiring an app development company

What is the best way to hire a good app development company for your next project? Choosing the best app development company is essential for successfully building your digital platform for your business.

Partnering with the best app development company can help you create custom apps and websites. You can make any changes based on your business needs and requirements.

However, many app development companies are available, and choosing the best one is challenging for anyone new to outsourcing their project to app development companies. 

Every entrepreneur held expectations with their applications, such as features, looks, design, growth, marketing, and advantages, when launching their app.

But why should businesses consider hiring app developers for their projects? Let's understand.

Why should businesses hire app developers?

Hiring an app development company can give a competitive advantage to your business. Creating apps with your partner IT companies don't require you to focus heavily on app building process. Instead, you can invest the time and energy to improve your business. 

Also, hiring app developers can help you select the right tools and technologies for creating your app. Due to their experience in developing mobile apps, they can help you offer a feature-rich platform with better usability and upgradability. 

15 key factors to consider before hiring an app development company

Here are the top 15 factors you must check while hiring an app development company for your project.

1. Check their app-building tools

Before hiring any app development company, check what tools and technologies they use to build apps for their clients. Also, you can check their app development methodology to develop apps and websites. 

Hiring an app development company that uses advanced tools and technologies will be best. Understand their app development processes, such as agile methodology, microservices, and others.

2. Decide your platform

Make sure what platform you will use to publish your app. To build a mobile app, consider the Android and iOS platforms to profit from your potential customers. 

Also, building a website for your platform will offer you a different audience base for your business that are active on browsers such as desktops or laptops.

So before hiring an app development company, make sure they can create mobile apps and websites for your business. 

Also, it will be best to know if they are experienced with hybrid app development, which can help you reduce your budget for making digital platforms for your business.

3. Check their domain expertise 

Check how well they are skilled and experienced in niches and industries that are relevant to your business. Their relevancy to your industry is a good point, as they can quickly develop a platform with all the required features and legalities to establish your online business.

You can ask them a particular set of questions regarding how they will help you set up your business in your target industry by building apps and websites for your products and services.

4. Understand your role

As an entrepreneur, you must know your role in building your apps while partnering with app development companies. So it would help if you gave feedback at every stage of app development regarding your app's user interface features and functionality.

Also, it would help if you took updates about the status of each app development stage regarding the progress of your building project.

The more you are involved in your project, the better output you can expect when it becomes ready to launch. Your feedback is valuable to app development companies that can change your platform based on your expectations. 

So, you must be actively engaged in your project throughout its app development process.

5. Ensure effective communication

Effective communication with your app development company is essential to run your app development project smoothly. You can check how frequently the developers reply to your message to know how well they prioritize their clients.

Ask them what methodologies and tools they will use to develop a platform for your business. 

A partnership with a good company will help provide you with every detail about their app development process to meet your business goals.

6. Decide the project timeline 

Set a clear deadline to ensure you get your project as early as possible while hiring app developers. Check out their availability, and ask them how many projects they have working on and how much time it will take to complete your project.

You must set realistic deadlines to give them enough time to help them share their best for building apps and websites for your business.

7. Understand their design process

You need to know how well they are good at creating a user interface for different online platforms. Ask them about their design process. 

Check whether they will provide a wireframe of your platform, so you can get a better idea about your user interface before completing development with all the features, APIs, and third-party integration to make your app fully functional.

Checking their portfolio can help you know their capabilities of designing engaging user interfaces for mobile apps and platforms relevant to different industries. 

8. Check ratings and reviews

Check the ratings and reviews of the company from their past clients or different platforms to get an idea of how well the company has collaborated with its past clients to build its projects.

Having outstanding ratings and reviews of app development companies is essential to ensure you will get a better experience when you work with them on your project.

9. Perform app maintenance 

Creating your app is one of many tasks. Even after publishing your app, you must maintain them properly by adding new features and removing any drawbacks and technical glitches.

Ask them whether they will provide maintenance and support after launching your app if you face any technical issues or want to add new features. 

Based on the feedback of your app users. You can ask app developers to make changes to offer your users the best platform experience, which is fruitful for your business.

10. Know app building fees 

Before starting a development project with your partner IT company, you need to know their pricing. However, you can adjust app development costs by modifying different development factors such as the number of features, design complexity, selection of app-building tools, and much more.  

Also, consider hiring app developers from those countries where the app building costs are typically less, such as countries within Asia.  

11. Know their app testing process

You need to identify any drawbacks and technical glitches in your app. When you are ready to publish, you can ask the app development team to perform app testing to help offer your app users a great experience. 

Also, you can do app testing yourself to check app quality and ask developers to modify them until you are satisfied with your app.

12. Check their app portfolio

You must check the portfolio of the app development team to know whether they will be able to create apps based on your expectation. Ask whether they are experienced in creating apps for the niche and industries you want to target for your business. 

13. Know their experience in app development

It is essential for you to partner with companies that are already established for a very long time. Their experience in different industries can help you create a better digital platform for your business. 

Also, try to figure out whether they can develop innovative solutions to new business challenges and problems.

14. Don't ignore legalities

You must know the legalities before hiring app developers. It will be best for you to create legal contracts with your partner companies, and the enterprise should sign a legal document known as a nondisclosure agreement. 

This document will clearly mention that ownership of all the source code developed by that company that has been transferred to your business. 

15. Know how they will upgrade your app

You will need help to identify what changes you would need to your app in the future. So before proceeding with the app development process with your partnered app development company, ask them whether they will provide support regarding app maintenance and modification to your digital platform. 

What should you check before hiring an app development company?

Every app development company claims its proficiency in building apps for different industries. You are responsible for checking all the criteria to select the best app development company for creating a platform for your business. 

An excellent app development company for your business can result in a fruitful long-term result. So go through the checklist before picking up any app development company for your business.

You can take your time before picking up the best app development company. However, we suggest you check their app portfolio for their past clients. Also, their expertise relevant to your industry is an additional plus point for hiring the best app development company.

There are many platforms available where you can check the ratings and reviews of past clients of different app development companies, which can help you select the right one for developing a digital platform for your business. 

Are you looking to hire an app development company?

Choosing the best app development company takes time and effort. However, you are in the right place. If you want to outsource your project to an app-building company that can help at every stage of your business, from competitor research to launching your app in your targeted market, you can contact our team.

Idea Usher is one of the best of app development companies in Qatar, that have created apps for many clients, giving us enough experience and skillset to develop apps for various industries. 


1. What factors should you consider when choosing a mobile app development company?

These are some important factors you should consider when hiring an app development company:

  • Check their app-building tools
  • Decide your platform
  • Check their domain expertise
  • Understand your role
  • Ensure effective communication
  • Decide the project timeline
  • Understand their design process
  • Check ratings and reviews
  • Perform app maintenance 
  • Know app-building fees 
  • Know their app testing process
  • Check their app portfolio
  • Know their experience in app development
  • Don’t ignore legalities 
  • Know how they will upgrade your app

2. What questions should I ask an app developer?

You can ask the following questions when you are going to outsource your app development project:

  • How many apps have you developed?
  • What apps can I download from the App Store or Google Play?
  • Can I talk to the client for whom you developed the app?
  • What programming languages do you work with to develop native apps?
  • What is your app back-end development expertise?
  • Have you worked on similar apps?
  • What is your hourly rate?
  • Who owns the source code during development?

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