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We aim to offer healthcare professionals software solutions and services of high quality at reasonable prices, supported by a dedicated group of innovators.

Our interactive, customizable application automates your revenue reconciliation process in real-time by tracking and notifying you whenever a PMD charger chart is missing or incomplete. Find areas that need attention, take action, and keep an eye on key performance indicators to drive improvement from a single screen.Flexible.Intuitive.Powerful. a wonderful addition to the MediMobile solutions that are putting people into action and producing results!

Eliminating bottlenecks, electronically routing charges and documentation, and ensuring complete transparency will increase physician satisfaction and productivity.

improves patient flow by reducing human errors, delays, and distractions; facilitates the patient’s transfer to an attending physician from the emergency department, and gives the medical records that are needed to make the admissions process easier. It also looks at important timestamps for hospital management.

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James’ entrepreneurial outlook and natural grit continue to be the driving forces behind Medisoft software's innovative mindset. Throughout his career, James has established himself as an authority in software engineering,

implementation, and development. His experience managing large data centers, working on development projects and supervising executives of businesses with global operations equip him to lead MediMobile to the top of the healthcare software industry. James keeps up with his attention on furnishing clients with state-of-the-art innovation and extending his answers to meet the necessities of both more modest supplier gatherings and bigger clinical offices. In addition to holding the certifications of MCP, MCP+I, MCT, MCSE, PMP, and Six Sigma Black Belt, James is the holder of a number of patents.

Our interactive, customizable application automates your revenue reconciliation process in real-time by tracking and notifying you whenever a charge or chart is missing or incomplete.

We help you reach your goals of lowering costs, improving clinical outcomes, decreasing readmission rates, and increasing revenue.

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Through mobile charge capture, clinical documentation, medical billing, and other methods, you can maximize revenue collection and grow your revenue using our cutting-edge technology designed specifically for healthcare providers.

The informing highlight communicates state-of-the-art patient and business data to charging staff and other consideration suppliers through secure, HIPAA-agreeable messages.

Medical billing software includes secure, real-time messaging for process and information communication. We aim to provide healthcare professionals with high-quality software solutions and services at an affordable price, supported by a dedicated group of innovators. Encrypted communication. Backup of all data in accordance with HIPAA.

MediMobile is dedicated to protecting customer data and preventing unauthorized access to, use of, or modification of data in its medical billing software products.MediMobile adheres to stringent cycles and conventions to ensure the accuracy of your data.

MediMobile is hosted in a secure off-site data center that maintains its SOC 2 certification and adheres to stringent security protocols. This certification is renewed annually by a third-party evaluation.

MediMobile Offices MediMobile Offices maintain their SOC 2 certification, which is renewed annually through an evaluation by a third party, and they adhere to stringent site security protocols.

Infiltration Testing MediMobile conducts various programming and organization entrance tests to guarantee the adequacy of our security techniques.

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Medi Mobile
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